How to Market Your HVAC Business in the Fall Season

HVAC Fall Season Marketing Tips

HVAC Fall Season Marketing Tips

Many HVAC businesses view the fall season as a time when business is slow, with one-off maintenance jobs and few repairs. 

So they decide to cut down their marketing budget in the hope of getting back on track in the winter. But it doesn’t have to be so.

You can still get a steady flow of income in the fall season and we will show you how in this HVAC fall marketing article. 

Fall Season HVAC Marketing Strategies to Get More Clients

Here are some marketing strategies that will help you get more clients:

Double Down on Maintenance Jobs

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Naturally, most of your customers will want to leave out their heat pump maintenance until the winter season. Now it’s your job to show them reasons why they should tune up their heat pumps. 

Make them understand the heavy costs of emergency repairs and downtimes in the winter in comparison to your discounts in the fall. 

Run Special Marketing Campaigns 

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As the winter approaches, you have to position your business to get a lot of customers. One way to do this is by launching marketing campaigns with discounts so that you can get more prospects before the peak season and income to keep your business moving.

Share Content on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

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Another awesome way to get heating, ventilation and air conditioning clients in the fall season is by sharing tips on indoor air quality; Indoor air quality services are in less demand than heating and cooling services. 

This gives you the chance to stand out by educating your audience on the importance of indoor air quality especially with concerns about dust, allergies, and potential contaminants. Then offer your IAQ solutions like air purifier installations and maintenance.

Create Content on Energy Savings

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Although this strategy may not directly give you clients, it can help to promote your HVAC business by giving free value. 

The energy-saving content could be in different forms like ebooks, blog posts, social posts, videos, and so on. You could even use energy-saving hacks as a lead magnet to attract fresh leads before winter. 

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Revisit your HVAC Marketing Strategies

After about 8 months of managing your online presence and running ads–it’s time to have a review of what’s been working and what hasn’t. 

With a lesser workload on your calendar, you can take this time to restrategize your marketing efforts during the fall season and invest more resources in the channels that have yielded the most results. 

Re-engage your Customers with Local Holidays 

Falls are usually remembered for special holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, which can be used to re-engage old customers as the peak season approaches. And also keep in touch with loyal customers with personalized emails and HVAC postcards. 

There’s no selling here but this kind gesture will help build a positive atmosphere around your HVAC brand. By fostering good relationship with your customers you are building a solid and loyal customer base that will reciprocate the love through referral and word of mouth marketing. 

How Do I Get More Clients for My HVAC?

Here are some ways you can get more clients for your HVAC business:

 Define Your Ideal Customer 

Defining your ideal customers is the actual and most important step to follow in getting clients for your HVAC business. Who are you trying to reach: residents, commercial businesses, or specific neighborhoods? What are their needs and pain points? 

Understanding your ideal customer will help you tailor your marketing content and channels to solve their HVAC needs.

 Build a Strong Online Presence 

Below are some ways you can build a strong online presence:

Build and Optimized Website

Ensure your website is mobile-friendly, informative, and easy to navigate. Optimize your website for relevant keywords so potential customers can find you easily in search results.

Use Online Directories

List your business on Google Business Profile, Yelp, HomeAdvisor, and other relevant directories. Also, encourage your customers to leave positive reviews on these platforms.

HVAC Social Media Marketing

Be active on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and X. Share valuable content, answer questions, and run targeted ads to attract more customers.

HVAC Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising

Run targeted ads on Google and other platforms to reach potential customers actively searching for HVAC services.

HVAC Content marketing

Create informative blog posts, videos, and guides to establish yourself as an expert and build your brand presence.

HVAC Email marketing

Build an email list and send targeted campaigns with promotions, seasonal offers, and valuable tips.

Improve your Customer Service

You can give your customers the best service by having a quick response rate, transparent communication, and high-quality HVAC services.

Leverage on Traditional HVAC Marketing

To create a complete HVAC marketing campaign use traditional marketing media to promote your business, like radio ads, TV commercials, postcards, and banners.

If all of this is too much for you to handle you can also employ the services of an expert HVAC marketing agency to help you out.

How Do I Market My HVAC Business in the Fall Season?

How Do I Market My HVAC Business in the Fall Season

Fall presents an opportunity for HVAC businesses to build up momentum to the colder peak months. While the focus traditionally shifts towards heating many homeowners will consider fall maintenance and repairs crucial. 

Below are some strategies you can adopt:

Plan and Start Early

Don’t wait until the fall season before you start planning, instead start from August to lay out your strategies. Then begin your fall marketing campaign at least a month before the peak season.

Capitalize on the “Fall Prep” Mentality

Use your marketing channels like blogs and social pages to share tips on preparing your HVAC system for winter.

Highlight the benefits of maintenance like improved efficiency, extended lifespan, and avoiding costly breakdowns. You can also consider featuring a countdown to “Heating Season” with daily tips on your social pages.

Leverage Offline Strategies

Utilize offline strategies like fall-themed direct mail postcards, door hangers, or banners to send targeted reminders to homeowners about seasonal maintenance with a clear CTA and exclusive offers.

Personalize your Message

Customize your content and offers to different customer segments (families, businesses, new homeowners) to get more results.

How Do HVAC Companies Get Clients?

HVAC companies can get clients in multiple ways which are divided into digital marketing and traditional marketing.

Although digital marketing will help HVAC companies get more clients with targeted advertising, you’d still need traditional marketing to have a more localized outreach.

For digital marketing strategies, you can start by setting up your website, Google Business Profile, and online directory accounts. Then for traditional marketing, start with postcards, banners, flyers, and door hangers.

How Can I Increase My HVAC Sales in the Fall Season?

You can increase your HVAC sales in the fall season by running limited-time offers and promoting pre-season tune-up packages and repairs with discounts or free add-ons like filter replacements. Then offer early booking incentives to get ahead of the rush. 

This contradicts the idea of increasing sales but it works. Mostly because homeowners and commercial businesses wouldn’t want to pass up an affordable opportunity to tune up or repair their HVAC systems.

How Big is the HVAC Maintenance Market?

According to Arizton, “the global HVAC maintenance and services market was valued at USD 78.50 billion in 2023 and is expected to reach USD 110.07 billion by 2029.” This data shows how lucrative the HVAC industry is and how much HVAC contractors can expect to make in the fall seasons alone.

How Stable is the HVAC Industry?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the HVAC employment rate is set to grow 6% from 2022 to 2032. That’s faster than the average growth rate for all occupations. The BLS predicts 37,700 new HVAC jobs annually. These figures are indicative of a stable industry with a bright future ahead.

What State Has the Highest Demand for HVAC Technicians?

California has the highest HVAC employment for HVAC technicians and installation, with about 69,400 jobs. New York has about 68,100 HVAC jobs, and Texas has about 67,300 HVAC services jobs – Source


It’s time to take action. By implementing these strategies you can leverage the fall season to attract new clients, increase booking rates, and position your HVAC business for success.

Remember to always monitor your campaign performance and adjust your approach for better results. Don’t leave any detail to chance because your marketing dollars are counting.

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