HVAC SEO Keywords: Top 200 Free HVAC Keywords [w/PDF]

200 Most Popular HVAC Keywords in the USA (+pdf)

200 Most Popular HVAC Keywords in the USA [with a PDF]

HVAC keywords don’t just show what your prospects enter on Google but also their search intent. 

With this, you can create content that addresses their needs and gets your business in front of the right audience.

To give you a head start, we researched the 200 most popular HVAC keywords in the USA and a further 9,800 keywords. And we’ll show you how to optimize your pages using these keywords and perform keyword research.

List of Top 200 HVAC SEO Keywords for HVAC Contractors 

Below is the list of the most popular HVAC keywords in the USA search database according to SearchAtlas:

No.KeywordKeyword DifficultyCost Per ClickSearch VolumePPC Competition Level
2hvac near me28.0432357811.380000111350000.62
3hvac supplies near me46.114974983.400000095740000.29
4hvac contractors31.563447959.204999924740000.07
5what is hvac mean24.284093863.069999933331000.07
6supply hvac52.891338351.149999976331000.29
7repair hvac42.1787071214331000.27
8meaning hvac36.017803192.599999905331000.08
9hvac supplies46.432174681.149999976331000.29
10hvac repair44.5808258114331000.27
11hvac meaning26.356273652.599999905331000.08
12hvac company near me30.1600685113.53999996331000.6
13hvac service near me37.7955017112.42000008271000.65
14hvac repair near me39.4374084512.31000042271000.59
15what is hvac31.566585542.269999981222000.11
16system hvac38.130077363.450000048222000.76
17hvac system36.219936373.450000048222000.76
18hvac is what31.566585542.269999981222000.11
19hvac company31.5446529410.80000019222000.35
20company hvac27.8503112810.80000019222000.35
21technician hvac28.53169256.300000191181000.55
22service hvac12.1258096712.76000023181000.31
23hvac technician31.879940036.300000191181000.55
24hvac service18.182489412.76000023181000.31
25ferguson hvac supply12.171159740.5400000215181000.02
26hvac ferguson12.52849771148000.1
27fergusons hvac supply13.164213180.6499999762148000.02
28ferguson hvac13.73747541148000.1
29what does hvac stand for26.304679872.940000057121000.03
30schools for hvac10.152660372.880000114121000.43
31salary of hvac29.998867031.850000024121000.14
32hvac salary29.998867031.850000024121000.14
33hvac parts near me41.308124541.679999948121000.53
34hvac jobs near me4.3583827022.230000019121000.74
35hvac installed42.995548258.090000153121000.28
36tool for hvac24.550424580.479999989399001
37salary for hvac technician28.044424061.60000002499000.16
38installation of hvac27.366327297.599000.28
39hvac unit64.772834782.31999993399001
40hvac tools20.263540270.479999989399001
41hvac technician salary28.044424061.60000002499000.16
42hvac supply house near me51.540622712.82999992499000.08
43hvac stores near me41.308124545.34000015399000.42
44hvac contractors near me36.032886519.27999973399000.5
45schools for hvac near me12.688203812.73000001981000.41
46parts for hvac19.5936470.709999978581000.99
47jobs in hvac16.561216351.67999994881000.44
48hvac schooling near me14.80411339381000.41
49hvac parts30.753702160.709999978581000.99
50hvac jobs3.8848521711.67999994881000.44
51hvac filters43.89636231.28999996281001
52hvac filter39.226333621.28999996281001
53hvac direct11.924096112.63000011481000.6
54filters hvac53.289100651.28999996281001
55what is split system hvac33.117671971.28999996266001
56what is a split system hvac33.117671971.28999996266001
57training in hvac20.792917252.92000007666000.47
58split systems hvac61.425998691.28999996266001
59replace hvac cost36.474678043.82999992466000.75
60maintenance hvac15.7936277410.8900003466000.27
61hvac training20.679620742.92000007666000.47
62hvac split system61.425998691.28999996266001
63hvac maintenance14.8928804410.8900003466000.27
64hvac goodman31.224493031.566000.74
65hvac cost replacement35.100910193.82999992466000.75
66hvac cleaner29.968381886.2199997966000.53
67hvac certification20.944450382.0699989866000.49
68hvac american standard27.695484162.80999994366000.78
69goodman hvac31.224493031.566000.74
70cost of hvac replacement37.542510993.82999992466000.75
71certification hvac23.201992032.0699989866000.49
72best hvac system21.511644362.53999996266000.8
73cleaning hvac39.021366126.2199997966000.53
74what is hvac system23.848054891.77999997154000.21
75uv light in hvac28.49340630.610000014354001
76vacuum pump hvac22.086938860.670000016754001
77trane hvac29.32511522.34999990554000.51
78partners hvac8.8816814426.67999982854000.05
79plenum for hvac29.587003711.10000002454001
80mini-split hvac0.0079159196471.08000004354001
81hvac vacuum pump20.706277850.670000016754001
82hvac uv lights28.998579030.610000014354001
83hvac trane20.443428042.34999990554000.51
84hvac plenums29.587003711.13999998654001
85hvac partners8.5759649286.67999982854000.05
86hvac mini split63.809413911.20000004854001
87hvac carrier39.375499732.09999990554000.53
88hvac capacitor41.559612270.529999971454001
89hvac apprentice13.648198131.63999998654000.42
90capacitors hvac26.319583890.839999973854001
91dampers for hvac17.204793930.949999988154001
92carrier hvac25.628238682.09999990554000.53
93commercial hvac10.258870128.35000038154000.31
94trade schools hvac18.924501423.46000003844000.41
95duct in hvac29.525238041.07000005244001
96definition hvac24.284093862.0799989744000.05
97new hvac systems cost41.071933752.63000011444001
98gauge hvac20.030965810.40000000644001
99hvac trade schools15.010046963.45000004844000.39
100hvac supply house46.918624881.10000002444000.34
101hvac new system cost35.100910192.63000011444001
102hvac gauges22.112180710.469999998844001
103hvac duct cleaning46.733604434.98999977144000.62
104hvac duct40.616420750.810000002444001
105hvac definition29.169178012.0799989744000.05
106cost of new hvac system36.474678042.93000006744001
107cleaning hvac ducts42.224643714.80000019144000.59
108york hvac22.910430914.26000022936000.42
109supply house hvac37.017730710.779999971436000.41
110ductwork for hvac35.238143921.16999995736001
111lennox hvac37.020595552.29999995236000.49
112how much does hvac technician make27.144279481.84000003336000.14
113how much does hvac tech make27.144279481.84000003336000.14
114hvac york24.810901644.26000022936000.42
115hvac system cost37.542510992.38000011436001
116hvac supply stores near me41.586593632.31999993336000.44
117hvac lennox37.597003942.29999995236000.49
118hvac installers near me41.2844200110.0900001536000.51
119hvac installer near me38.2594413810.0900001536000.51
120hvac installation near me38.2594413810.0900001536000.51
121hvac install near me37.146678927.92000007636000.56
122hvac ductwork37.799518591.16999995736001
123hvac distributors6.7451004982.41000008636000.14
124hvac compressors33.420501711.38999998636001
125hvac compressor38.758274081.38999998636001
126cost of hvac system37.542510992.38000011436001
127compressors hvac33.420501711.38999998636001
128compressor in hvac30.384012221.38999998636001
129compressor hvac26.047210691.38999998636001
130compressor for hvac38.758274081.38999998636001
131best hvac company near me27.268472678.3100004236000.8
132coastal supply hvac4.4575009354.9699997936000.02
133coastal hvac supply4.3514456754.9699997936000.02
134what is heat pump in hvac28.254781721.71000003829001
135what is heat pump hvac38.987304691.71000003829001
136what is a vav in hvac20.03493694.15999889429000.08
137what is a heat pump hvac42.375423431.71000003829001
138vavs hvac21.624620444.86000013429000.11
139vav in hvac21.624620444.86000013429000.11
140vav hvac21.624620444.65999984729000.1
141what is vav in hvac21.624620444.86000013429000.11
142union hvac5.6345915791.98000001929000.26
143union for hvac4.4231581691.85000002429000.25
144talk hvac6.1488771445.98999977129000.08
145registers hvac32.600852970.790000021529001
146registers for hvac32.600852970.790000021529001
147register hvac36.358055110.790000021529001
148sila hvac7.8371820454.23000001929000.25
149replacement hvac30.730457317.38000011429000.5
150morsco hvac supply3.6061515814.67000007629000.02
151mini split system hvac61.425998691.10000002429001
152mini split hvac systems63.809413911.10000002429001
153mini split hvac system61.425998691.10000002429001
154mitsubishi hvac29.349126821.85000002429001
155heat pumps hvac39.685188291.71000003829001
156heat pump hvac40.232070921.73000001929001
158hvac with heat pump41.694103241.71000003829001
159hvac vav21.624620444.65999984729000.1
160hvac unions5.5257873541.98000001929000.26
161hvac union5.307559491.79999995229000.25
162hvac tune up11.3139944112.1899995829000.47
163hvac training near me9.1903028492.79999995229000.5
164hvac techs28.53169254.67000007629000.45
165hvac tech12.220000274.32999992429000.44
166hvac tapes8.2647504810.289999991729001
167hvac tape15.374855040.419999986929001
168hvac talk10.517405515.98999977129000.08
169hvac stands for24.098331454.51000022929000.05
170hvac stand for26.304679873.91000008629000.06
171hvac replace31.798292167.38000011429000.5
172hvac registers29.532724380.670000016729001
173hvac register41.790401460.709999978529001
174hvac r5.5835695273.19000005729000.21
175hvac mitsubishi39.615222931.85000002429001
176hvac mini split system61.425998691.10000002429001
177hvac logos5.4753937721.07000005229001
178hvac logo4.5995426181.07000005229001
179hvac heat pumps39.685188291.73000001929001
180hvac heat pump41.694103241.73000001929001
181hvac daikin39.977294921.39999997629000.65
182hvac costs41.670368191.69000005729000.52
183hvac costing37.542510991.89999997629001
184hvac cost35.100910191.86000001429000.66
185hvac condensers33.781101231.60000002429001
186hvac condenser34.509181981.60000002429001
187hvac cleaning near me35.352657325.55999994329000.67
188hvac cleaners near me37.453235635.55999994329000.67
189hvac blower motors20.616647720.540000021529001
190hvac blower motor23.027870180.540000021529001
191hvac apprenticeship jobs8.6174478531.53999996229000.27
192hvac apprentice jobs6.0917406081.53999996229000.27
193hvac air filters47.01959611.52999997129001
194hvac air filter49.53002931.4900000129001
195hvac & r3.9357781413.19000005729000.21
196cost of hvac37.542510991.86000001429000.66
197cost hvac41.071933751.69000005729000.52
198cost for hvac43.044136051.69000005729000.52
199condenser hvac25.855098721.60000002429001
200condenser for hvac28.577125551.60000002429001

This table is curated by “HVAC Marketing Xperts” and the data used in the table are accurate when they are published (3rd March 2024). There could be changes in keyword demand and popularity in subsequent months but we will try to update the table periodically. Also, the data comes from the SearchAtlas SEO tool. You can use the data above in your content but please cite the source which is this page you are reading, Thanks.

Download our PDF which includes 10,000 keywords about HVAC companies.

What are HVAC Keywords

HVAC keywords are phrases that your customers or prospects use to find your business on search engines like Google. For example, a user could enter “HVAC duct cleaning near me” and then your website will appear on the top results if you’ve optimized a page for that keyword.

How to Do Keyword Research for HVAC 

Here’s how to conduct HVAC keyword research:

List Top Searched Topics Related to Your HVAC Company

First, list as many broad topics or terms that are related to your HVAC services. This will serve as seed keywords that you’ll enter into your keyword research tool. 

Here are some examples:

  • Air conditioner repair,
  • HVAC installation,
  • and HVAC repair.

You can also list all the HVAC equipment you work on.

Use an SEO Keyword Research Tool

After getting your seed keywords, enter them into a keyword research tool. You can use tools like Google Keyword Planner or Semrush. Ensure you select your business location before searching for keywords.

Alternatively, use Google suggested searches that appear as you type in your seed keywords and the “people also ask section” to find related questions users commonly search for.

Qualify the Best HVAC Keywords You Discovered

Typically, your keyword research tool will display a table of keywords with search volume, keyword difficulty, cost per click(CPC), and PPC competition. 

Now use the filter option to display keywords with low to medium difficulty. Take note of detailed long-tail keywords though with lesser traffic as well as short-tail keywords, and also the related search terms.

Then save the page or export the keywords. 

Research your Competitors

If you know your competitors, enter their site URL in your keyword research tool to find the keywords that they’re ranking for. 

Also, you can run a Google search on some of the keywords in your list to find the competitors in your location. Then, look for gaps or opportunities to target keywords that your competitors might be overlooking.

How to Optimize Your Content with the Above HVAC Keywords

Follow these steps to optimize your content with HVAC keywords:

Title Tags

Consider your title tag as the first impression of your content. To stand out in SERPs use the 4U’s headline technique: be urgent, unique, ultra-specific, and useful in your headlines. Here is an example of a useful headline, “How to troubleshoot an AC that is blowing hot”. 

Most importantly include your focus HVAC keyword in your headline in a natural way. 

Headings (H1-H3)

Headings provide structure to your content. They help to break down key points and make your content easy on the eyes.

Your primary keywords should be in your H1 and variations of your focus keywords can come in your H2 and H3. For instance, an H1 tag might be “common air conditioning problems and solutions,” while H2 tags could be specific issues like “low airflow” or “uneven cooling.” 

Body and Paragraphs

This is where your content truly shines, so focus on creating engaging content that addresses the needs of your audience. Integrate keywords naturally without disrupting your reader’s experience.

Use paragraphs to chop down your content for easy readability so that you won’t put off your site visitors. 

Image ALT

Ensure you include a descriptive ALT text that contains relevant keywords. This helps search engines understand the image content and improves accessibility for visually impaired users. 

For example, use ALT description like “a technician repairing a residential air conditioner”. It can also help your image to rank in search engines.

Internal Link Anchors

Anchor text for hvac marketing strategies

Internal linking helps to increase the time users spend on your site. Hence, strategically link to relevant pages within your blog posts or site pages using anchor texts that contain HVAC keywords. 

For instance, if you’re writing about the benefits of ductless HVAC systems, your anchor text could be: “ductless HVAC system costs”.

What are the Most Lucrative/Best SEO Keywords for HVAC Companies?

Below are the most lucrative HVAC keywords you can target as an HVAC contractor to generate organic traffic from search engines:

  • hvac repair near me
  • hvac duct cleaning
  • hvac installation near me
  • hvac ductwork
  • hvac cleaning near me
  • furnace repair
  • electric furnace repair
  • hvac filter replacement
  • ductless air conditioner repair
  • ac repair
  • hvac maintenance
  • heating and cooling services
  • air conditioning repair
  • air conditioner repair service
  • air conditioner installation
  • air conditioner fan replacement
  • mini split ac repair
  • heating maintenance services
  • emergency furnace repair
  • emergency air conditioner repair
  • heat pump repair service
  • ac maintenance
  • air conditioner not cooling
  • ac not turning on
  • air conditioning replacement

They are the most lucrative keywords because they are targeting your HVAC services. Note, that most users add their locations to these keywords. 

What are the Most Popular HVAC Keywords?

The most popular HVAC keywords you should rank for are:

  • hvac
  • hvac near me
  • hvac supplies near me
  • hvac contractors
  • what is hvac mean
  • supply hvac
  • repair hvac
  • meaning hvac
  • hvac supplies
  • hvac repair
  • hvac meaning
  • hvac company near me
  • hvac service near me
  • hvac repair near me
  • what is hvac
  • system hvac
  • hvac system
  • hvac is what
  • hvac company
  • company hvac
  • technician hvac
  • service hvac
  • hvac technician
  • hvac service
  • ferguson hvac supply

What are Keyword Search Intents?

Keyword search intents refer to the objectives that users have when they enter a specific keyword or phrase into a search engine.  

Keyword search intents typically fall into four categories, which include:

Informational Intent

This is when users are searching for knowledge and understanding on a particular topic or subject.

Example: “How to choose the right air conditioner for my home?”

Strategy: Informative HVAC blog posts, educational videos, and FAQs.

Navigational Intent

Navigational intent is when users are looking for a specific website or page, often brands they already know.

Example: “Lennox HVAC official website”

Strategy: Ensure your brand name and website details are spread across your online channels.

Commercial Intent 

This is when users are actively researching and comparing products or services before making a purchase.

Example: “Best residential furnace in 2024”

Strategy: Comprehensive review articles, video product comparisons, and social posts.

Transactional Intent

Transactional intent is involved when users are ready to make a purchase and are actively seeking vendors or service providers.

Example: “HVAC installation near me”

Strategy: Implement HVAC local SEO strategies for your money keywords and ensure accurate business listings.

What is Keyword Search Volume?

Keyword search volume(KSV) is a metric that shows how frequently a keyword is searched for within a given timeframe(usually monthly). It’s a key indicator of the popularity and competitiveness of a search term.

Specifically, KSV will help you to know the viability and difficulty of a keyword. Ranking for high-volume keywords will help your HVAC business to get more traffic but with a higher budget and low-volume keywords are easier to rank for but with fewer searches.

What is the Keyword Competition Level?

Keyword competition level refers to the difficulty of ranking for a specific keyword in SERPs. Several factors contribute to the competition level of an HVAC keyword, they are:

Search Volume

High-volume keywords, like “air conditioning repair,” will naturally have more competition due to their potential to attract a greater audience.

Domain Authority (DA)

Websites with established authority and high DA will likely rank higher for competitive keywords, pushing lower authority sites further down the SERPs.

Backlink Profile

Websites with strong backlink profiles are more likely to rank higher for competitive keywords compared to those with weak backlink profiles.

Paid Advertising

The presence of paid advertisements for the same keyword can further increase competition, making it harder for organic results to gain visibility.

How PPC Ads Related to HVAC SEO Keywords?

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) isn’t directly tied to the SEO keywords themselves. It’s a separate advertising strategy that uses those keywords to trigger the display of your ads. 

PPC is a paid advertising model where you bid on specific keywords and pay each time someone clicks on your ad. These ads typically appear above organic search results, offering immediate visibility but requiring ongoing investment. Learn more about our HVAC PPC guide here.


Keyword research is an essential step to ranking your website in search engines like Google. If you target the wrong HVAC keywords your site rankings may start going downhill. 

So we’ve done all the hard work for you by providing a list of the best HVAC keywords, showing you how to conduct keyword research, and optimizing your pages for SEO. Now, it’s your time to put these ideas to work.

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