120+ Untapped HVAC Content and Blog Post Ideas to Grow Your Brand

HVAC Blog Topic Ideas to Grow Your HVAC Business

HVAC Blog Topic Ideas to Grow Your HVAC Business

There are two factors that determine your HVAC brand’s success. 

The number of people who know you in your work location and how they perceive your business.

Do they see your business as a mediocre local company? Or as a top-notch HVAC service company?

Your job is to increase your brand awareness and manage how people view your company: HVAC content marketing will help you to do that.

In this guide, we will explore untapped blog post topic ideas you can create to build your brand awareness, generate leads, and increate your customer base for your HVAC company. 

What is HVAC Blog Content?

HVAC blog content is an article used to inform, educate, nurture leads, and generate website traffic for HVAC  businesses.

Blogs are the most common content marketing channels for HVAC companies which can help to attract stream prospects to your HVAC business all year round.

Companies that blog generate 67% more leads monthly compared to businesses with no blogs. 

Why You Should Be Creating Content for Your HVAC Business?

Content creation is the fuel of every content marketing strategy and can help you meet your prospects right where they are. You should be creating content for your HVAC business because it:

Establishes your Brand as an HVAC Industry Expert

When you create informative and helpful content, you position yourself as a trusted resource for potential customers. This can lead to increased brand awareness and credibility.

Improves SEO

Search engines reward websites with updated and valuable content. By regularly creating new content, you can improve your website’s ranking in search results and increase your organic traffic.

Educates Potential Customers

Many people don’t know much about HVAC systems. Creating educational content will help potential customers understand their needs and the different services you offer.

Generates Leads

You can use lead magnets in your content like blog posts to get the contacts of prospects who are interested in your services. For instance, using a CTA such as encouraging prospects to contact you for a free consultation.

Boosts Sales

Sharing and distributing valuable content will not only establish your credibility but also increase your chances of converting leads into sales.

Builds Trust and Relationships

Creating helpful and informative content shows that you care about your customers and their HVAC needs. This can help you build trust and rapport with potential and existing customers.

Increases Customer Engagement

Regularly creating new content keeps your audience engaged and coming back for more. This can help to increase customer retention and upsells.

Cost-effective Marketing

Content marketing is a relatively cost-effective way to reach new customers and grow your business in contrast to paid ads.

Top List of HVAC Blog Topics to Spark Your HVAC Content Marketing Strategy

Top List of HVAC Blog Topics to Spark Your HVAC Content Marketing Strategy

HVAC content marketing is an ongoing process and you’ll need a content calendar to stay consistent. Below is a list of content ideas to help jumpstart your content creation process:

Energy Saving Content

  • X HVAC energy saving tips.
  • How to make your HVAC system more energy-efficient.
  • X energy-efficient HVAC systems for commercial buildings.
  • HVAC energy savings calculator.
  • Most efficient HVAC systems in (year)
  • HVAC energy efficiency: X ways you can save costs.
  • X easy ways to save energy on your HVAC system this summer.
  • X best smart thermostats for saving energy.
  • HVAC energy saving tips for businesses.
  • X Factors before choosing a HVAC system for your home.

 Air Conditioner Tips and Fixes

  • Why is my AC not blowing cold air?
  • X reasons why your AC is blowing hot air(How to fix).
  • Window AC not cooling? Here’s what to do.
  • Is Split AC not cooling? Try these fixes.
  • How do I reset my air conditioner?
  • How do I fix my air conditioner not running? Troubleshooting guide.
  • Ac not working? Here are possible reasons and solutions.
  • X ways to make your AC more energy efficient.
  • X ways to optimize air conditioner window.
  • How to increase the coolness of your air conditioner.
  • X Signs your air conditioner needs to be replaced.
  • How to use air conditioner economically.

Indoor Air Quality Ideas

  • DIY tips for improving indoor air quality.
  • X signs of poor indoor air quality.
  • How HVAC units affects your indoor air quality.
  • Best tips for humidity control and Indoor air quality.
  • X factors to consider when choosing an air purifier.
  • Air purifier maintenance tips for homes.
  • Benefits of maintaining your HVAC system for better IAQ.
  • Types of air purifiers and their uses.
  • Best air purifiers for homes
  • Honeywell air purifier not turning on(troubleshooting guide).
  • Greenote air purifier not turning on(quick solution).
  • X common air purifier problems and solutions.
  • Filtrete air purifier troubleshooting steps.

Seasonal Maintenance Advice

  • How to use your air conditioner in the summer.
  • X tips for maximizing your heat pump in the winter.
  • X best air conditioner covers for winter.
  • How to prepare your HVAC for winter.
  • X ways to winterize your AC unit.
  • HVAC summer maintenance best practices.
  • What routine maintenance is required for a furnace? (expert tips)
  • The best temperature for the heater in the winter.
  • Recommended thermostat settings for summer and winter.
  • Best thermostat settings in winter to save money.
  • Best AC setting in the summer.

Heat Pump/Furnace Solutions

  • X reasons why your furnace is not heating.
  • The furnace not blowing hot air(here’s what to do).
  • HVAC furnace repair cost in (year).
  • Heat pump replacement cost in (year).
  • Heat pump maintenance checklist PDF (free download).
  • Ground source heat pump maintenance checklist.
  • X factors to consider before buying a heat pump.
  • X signs that show you need a new furnace.
  • Why won’t my HVAC heat turn on? (solved).
  • How to reset your HVAC furnace.
  • How to clean your heat pump (in X minutes).

How-to Content Post Ideas

  • How to clean your air conditioner coils.
  • How to choose the right AC unit for your home.
  • How to identify signs you need a new HVAC system.
  • How to change an air filter(practical steps).
  • How to troubleshoot common HVAC problems.
  • How to program a thermostat.
  • How to improve indoor air quality.
  • How to save money on your HVAC costs.
  • How to prepare your home for summer.
  • How to prepare your home for winter.
  • How to maintain your HVAC system.

Informative Blog Posts on HVAC Maintenance Tips

  • How much is a tune-up on an AC unit? (year)
  • Average commercial HVAC Maintenance cost(complete guide).
  • HVAC yearly maintenance cost in “year”.
  • AC tune-up checklist: all you need to know.
  • How to clean your air conditioner filter.
  • How to clean air filters in air purifiers.
  • Tips on cleaning a heat exchanger
  • Clogged heat exchanger symptoms and how to fix it.
  • HVAC maintenance tips for every season.

Reviews and Buying Guides 

  • Best air source heat pumps.
  • Top 10 air conditioner brands (year).
  • Best AC units in ‘‘year” for home.
  • Lennox vs carrier furnace: pros and cons.
  • Trane vs Lennox vs Carrier furnace: which should you buy(year)?
  • X best air purifier for dust.
  • Best air purifier for allergies.
  • Buying a furnace: essential tips for homeowners.
  • Best smart thermostats in “year”.
  • The ultimate guide to choosing the right air conditioner.
  • Best HVAC systems for small homes.

Smart Thermostats

  • Honeywell smart thermostat not working(try these solutions).
  • Why is my HVAC not responding to the thermostat? (how to fix).
  • How to reset your HVAC thermostat.
  • How do you maintain a smart thermostat? step-by-step guide.
  • Best Energy Star smart thermostat.
  • How to choose an HVAC smart thermostat.
  • X best energy-efficient smart thermostats.
  • How do smart thermostats save energy?
  • How to control an HVAC smart thermostat.
  • Best smart thermostats for heat pumps.


  • DIY air duct cleaning: a complete guide.
  • How to clean your AC coils: DIY guide.
  • Air conditioner troubleshooting guide(free PDF).
  • DIY: air compressor problems and solutions.
  • X tools for DIY HVAC repair kit.
  • DIY HVAC repair cost in a year.
  • DIY HVAC maintenance checklist

Create Top of the Funnel Content for HVAC Tips

  • What is an HVAC smart thermostat?
  • What is an Air purifier?
  • How does an HVAC smart thermostat work?
  • What size central AC do I need? expert guide.
  • How do air conditioners work?
  • How to use an air conditioner remote?
  • What is a geothermal heat pump? All you need to know.
  • X HVAC Industry trends in “year”.
  • What is the latest technology in HVAC?

Marketing Tips for HVAC Unit Replacement

  • HVAC installation costs: what you need to know.
  • Average cost of furnace and air conditioner replacement (“year”).
  • How much does it cost to install an HVAC system with ductwork?
  • Heat pump cost calculator: a complete guide.
  • Budget air conditioner in “year”
  • Best cheap air conditioner in “year”.
  • Questions to ask your HVAC contractor before replacement.
  • X Financing options for HVAC replacement

Always build your content ideas around your HVAC services and products. You can decide to use these content ideas or tweak them to suit your audience.

Case Study Ideas for HVAC Social Media Marketing

  • Company X Increases Revenue by $50,000 in 30 Days by Implementing Our Heat Pump Cost Calculator Strategy
  • Company Y Achieves $100,000 Profit Surge: Unveiling the Success Behind Budget Air Conditioner Recommendations
  • Company Z Generates $75,000 in 45 Days: How We Revolutionized Company Z’s Sales Strategies
  • Company A Boosts Revenue by $80,000 in 60 Days: The Impact of Budget Air Conditioner Reviews and Recommendations
  • Company B Nets $120,000 in 30 Days: Leveraging Our Innovative Marketing Strategies

Conclusion: Create HVAC Content for Your HVAC Business

Content marketing is a cost-effective way of promoting your HVAC business by giving free valuable content consistently–so much so that your prospects will like, engage, and purchase your services.

These HVAC content ideas are not for blog posts alone but can be used for your HVAC social media posts, HVAC video marketing, HVAC emails, case studies, and so on. 

Now go ahead, create your content calendar, and start engaging your audience with expert HVAC solutions.

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