Google Ads for HVAC Companies: Strategies and Best Practices

Google_ ads for hvac companies uLTIMATE GUIDE- by Hvac marketing xperts

Google Ads for HVAC Companies: How to Get More Leads and Customers 

Formally Google Adwords; Google Ads are shown to about 90% of internet users globally. Meaning? You can both have a vast reach and a highly focused campaign within your service location. 

Without having to spend ridiculous amounts of money and waste a lot of time targeting the wrong leads.

In just a few minutes, you’ll find the secret ingredients to getting warm HVAC leads who are interested in your HVAC services. Keep learning to scale your business with Google Ads. 

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What are HVAC Google Ads? 

Google Ads for HVAC contractors are promotions that run on the Google search engine and other Google products, and partner websites. With Google Ads, you pay only when someone clicks on your ad, and you get to choose your budget and maximum amount per click. 

Do Google Ads Work for HVAC Companies? 

Do Google Ads Work for HVAC Companies 2 HVAC Marketing Xperts

Of course, Google is the first place your prospects run to when their furnace gets broken or needs cleaning. Here are a few more reasons why you should run Google Ads:

  • Get Customers Quickly: One advantage of running Google Ads is that you can start getting leads and booking calls the same day your campaign launches.
  • Boost your Brand Reach: It gives you a platform to promote your HVAC company throughout your work location(s). 
  • Gain Clients Even as a New Business: As long as you have some good reviews and a professional website you can start getting customers even if you’re new to the industry. 
  • Run Remarketing Campaigns: With Google Ads, you can retarget prospects who clicked on your ad without converting. 
  • Laser-focused Targeting: Google Ads allows you to restrict your ads to your service area. You can even put up a 7-mile radius from your home office in your ad. 
  • Acquire Quality Leads: It also offers you the opportunity to capture qualified leads by displaying your ads through different platforms in the Google Display Network. 

Best Google Ads for HVAC Companies 

There are 7 best types of Google Ad campaigns suitable for HVAC companies.

Search Ads

Google ads

Search Ads are the most popular form of Google Ads. They appear on the Google search results just above the organic listings and also in between the organic results. 

Google Search Ads allows your business to claim the top spots in Google search with a headline and brief description. When a user clicks on your ad they will be sent to your website where you can further convince them to hire your services. 

About 5.9 million queries are entered in Google per minute which makes Google Search ads very lucrative for businesses. It’s easier to convert people searching for local HVAC queries on Google because they are more likely to buy. 

Display Ads


Another type of ad you can utilize to grow your Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning business is the Google display ad. Google Display Ads are promotions that you can find on Google partner websites, products, and apps in the Google Play Store. You must have come across these ads while browsing through a site or mobile app. 

Google Display Ads are shown across 35 million websites, apps, and Google products making it one of the best campaign types. 

However, it is best used for brand awareness or retargeting campaigns to nurture warm leads to hot HVAC leads. So, the cost per click (CPC) is lesser than Google Search Ads since users are not actively looking for HVAC contractors. 

Video Ads

Responsive website design

You can find Google Video Ads mostly in the second largest social media platform in the world, that’s YouTube. Google Video Ads can come at the beginning, middle, or end of a YouTube video. Some of the ads are skippable while others are not, giving you more room to market your services. 

Video Ads can also appear on Google partner websites and applications where they mostly play within the text with the audio off. Google Video Ads is great for expanding your brand reach and driving conversions with an immersive visual experience. 

Google Local Service Ads

sem ppc

Google Local Service Ads (LSA) are ads that appear only for local search queries within a certain location. They appear above organic search results and are prioritized over Search Ads on the Google search engine results page. LSA Ads work on a pay-per-lead system which means that you pay for only leads that contact you or fill out your contact form. 

Local Service Ads exclusively serve local service businesses like HVAC and plumbing, and contain the following elements:

  • Business name 
  • Google verified badge 
  • Star ratings and customer reviews 
  • Services offered 
  • Working hours 
  • Service areas
  • Call button, etc. 

Although LSA Ads has less room for optimization it can still be effective because it is localized. 

How to Optimize HVAC Google Ads for Success

To optimize your HVAC Google Ads for success, do the following:

Target Keywords with Buying Intent 

Hvac SEO Keywords for Hvac Companies - Hvac SEO Guide

The success of your campaign is hinged on your keywords. Hence you have to perform keyword research using tools like Google Keyword Planner or Moz to discover local search queries with high buying intent. These keywords mostly contain words or phrases like “near me” “your location” or “emergency”. 

While setting up your campaign you’d be asked to supply keywords under three buckets. 

  • Exact Match: These are the primary keywords you want to rank for. Your ad will be triggered whenever a user enters a phrase with the same meaning or intent. 
  • Phrase Match: They are similar to your exact keywords and help your ad to show up for phrases similar to your exact match keyword. 
  • Broad Match: These are related keywords that are not closely matched with your primary keyword but can give you access to a broader target audience. 

Let’s assume you’re running an air conditioner or HVAC repair ad, then your keywords could look like this. 

Exact match:

  • [air conditioner repair]
  • [AC repair near me] 
  • [brand name air conditioner repair] (e.g., LG air conditioner repair)

Phrase match:

  • “air conditioner repair service”
  • “AC unit not cooling”
  • “emergency air conditioner repair”

Broad match:

  • The air conditioner not working
  • leaking air conditioner
  • frozen air conditioner coil
  • hot air blowing from the AC

Notice how we used brackets and apostrophes for both exact and phrase-match keywords? These are done to distinguish your keyword entry and that’s why broad match keywords have no punctuation. 

Include Negative Keywords 

Negative keywords are phrases that are not relevant to your HVAC services. Therefore, you need to specify them to avoid wasting your ad budget on worthless search queries. 

For instance, if you’re targeting homeowners with an air filter installation ad your negative keywords will include:

  • industrial air filters
  • commercial air filters
  • HEPA car air filters
  • air purifier replacement parts
  • DIY air filtration system
  • open air filter
  • used air filters
  • cheap air filters 

Use Ad Assets or Extensions 

image 32

Ad assets (or extensions) will help you claim more ad space on the search engine results page (SERPs) and increase your conversion rate. There are several ad assets you can integrate into your ad which include:

  • Call Assets: Allows prospects to easily contact you with a call button or phone number on your ad
  • Location Assets: Display your address so people can easily find your home office. It also shows that you’re within their location. 
  • Callout Assets: Allows you to add more copy to your ad. For example, 24/7 emergency repair. 
  • Site link Assets: Provides additional links to your site. For example, service and pricing page. 
  • Structured Snippet Assets: Add extra layers of information to encourage clicks. For example, a list of your HVAC services. 
  • Price Assets: Displays the price or discount of your service.
  • Lead Form Assets: This helps you to capture leads directly from your ad by providing a contact form. 

You don’t need to use all the available ad extensions, instead use it only when it reinforces your ad quality. 

Craft Persuasive Ad Copy

Write web copy

Your ad copy has to communicate your competence, speed, and previous results. It should contain your focus keyword and underline the service you’re promoting in the fewest possible words. 

The same goes for your landing page copy which should carry the same ad theme, and visuals, and build trust with customer reviews and licenses. 

Note that the headlines in your ad and landing page have to incorporate power words to catch the eye of your target audience. Plus, your sentences have to be short and easy to skim through. Finally, use only one CTA on your landing page to make it easier to convert prospects. 

Design a Responsive Landing Page 

landing-pages-hvac-marketing-xperts (1)

We’ve seen campaigns where an HVAC business is getting clicks but very few conversions. Which means that the problem is from the landing page or website. 

So your landing has to be mobile-friendly and provide an amazing experience with high-quality images and videos. The text has to be well-spaced and blend with your landing page design. 

Next, your CTA button has to be above the fold to optimize your conversion rate. Remember your website experience gives a first impression of your business. If it’s not good enough then your campaign may not succeed. 

Leverage Ad Groups 

image 33

Unfortunately, your ads may not acquire many leads or customers in your first campaign. Because you’ve not taken the time to run A/B tests with ad groups to find the right keywords and targeting strategies for your business. 

As with every HVAC marketing channel, you need to implement different strategies to get enough data to make conclusions.

Your ad groups can target different services like heat pump maintenance and smart thermometer installation. Allowing you to try out different bidding and targeting strategies to see what earns clicks and conversions for your business. 

Improve your Google Ad Quality Score 

image 35

Your keyword bid amount and quality score determine your ad placement. Higher bids may give you more reach but might result in expensive costs per acquisition (CPA). Which is why you need to improve your ad quality score.

Quality score is a performance indicator tool that ranges from 1 to 10. It helps you to know the quality of your ad in comparison to your competitors.

Each ad is given a quality score based on three factors:

  • Expected click-through rate (CTR),
  • Ad relevance and
  • Landing page experience.
image 34

These factors are given a remark of above average, average, and below average so that you can know what components need improving. 

To improve your ad quality score, do the following:

  • Ensure your keywords match the search intent. 
  • Create themes by placing similar keywords in ad groups 
  • Increase your CTR by making your CTA more actionable and adding an irresistible offer. 
  • Use keywords naturally in your copy. 
  • Make sure your landing page loads quickly and is consistent with your ad content. 
  • Go through your ad metrics like ad impressions, CTRs, and conversion rates to find patterns that suggest improvement.

Optimize your Bidding Strategy 

image 37

At times the culprit may not be your keywords or ad content but from your bidding strategy. Low bids can result in poor impressions and high bids can increase your cost per lead (CPL). 

Therefore, you need to strike a balance between pricy cost per click and meager sums. This is where you monitor your campaign to see what keywords are generating more clicks and impressions so you can reinvest in them. 

Alternatively, you can use the AI smart bidding feature in Google Ads which allocates your budget based on certain metrics. Even if you adopt this method, assess your bidding strategy to get a good ROI on your advertising dollars. 

Locate Qualified Leads with Geotargeting

image 36

Naturally, you would include the cities or towns which you serve but geotargeting can take it a step further by narrowing down your target audience. 

Geotargeting feature in Google Ads allows you to show your ads only to users within a certain radius of your company office. This can be done using the Advanced setting option under Location in the Google Ads interface. 

Geotargeting helps you to market your business only to prospects that stay within your work location. 

Summing Up: Google Ads for HVAC Companies 

After publishing your campaign you’d have to wait around for a week or so to get detailed data to further your campaign. 

Don’t make the mistake of launching your ad and walking away hoping for a big win. Instead, track your ad progress and optimize it based on your key point metrics (KPI). 

Google Ads can be quite competitive and technical, and if you don’t have much experience you might end up wasting your budget on poor leads. This is why you need an HVAC PPC agency to pilot your campaign to success with a team of exceptional PPC specialists. 

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What makes “Hvac Marketing Xperts” the best digital marketing agency for Hvac businesses?

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