10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Plumbers [Untapped Ideas]

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Social Media for Plumbers: The Ultimate Guide 

We live in a digital era, where people can leisurely connect with reliable businesses to meet their everyday needs from the comfort of their homes. Social media is an online platform that shapes how business owners, including plumbing businesses, attract and connect with customers. About 66% of Facebook users visit a local business page at least once weekly.

Establishing a solid online presence for your plumbing business on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn is the first step towards successful social media marketing. This guide will offer you social media tips and ideas you can utilize for your plumbing business.

How to Leverage Social Media for Your Plumbing Business

  • Set marketing goals:
  • Measure your progress:
  • Engage your customer base:
  • Demonstrate Expertise:
  • Run targeted ads:
  • JSocial media communities:
  • Integrate hashtags:
  • Implement local search engine optimization (SEO):
  • Use social media management tools:

Plumbing companies can leverage social media in many ways, including:

Set marketing goals:

Goal Target

Set SMART marketing goals, that is, goals that are attainable within a specific time frame. For example, if your objective for the first half of 2024 is to raise your brand recognition, your SMART goal for social media might be to grow your Facebook following by 3% in the first half of 2024. Setting marketing goals keeps you focused on what matters most to your plumbing business and helps you channel your marketing efforts rightly.

Measure your progress:

Once you’ve established your marketing goals, ensure you keep track of them by measuring your progress. Thankfully, there are a ton of tools available you can use to monitor your social media marketing success over time. Various social media platforms have analytical tracking systems, such as Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, etc., built into them to monitor progress, including the number of views, likes, comments, and clicks per post. These analytics will help you determine what works and doesn’t and the best direction for your marketing strategy.

Engage your customer base:

Social media platforms allow plumbing businesses to converse with existing and potential customers. Social media networks let you communicate with your customers in both directions, which helps you better understand their demands. React as soon as possible to reviews, comments, and customer questions. Talk to customers, run surveys, give knowledgeable counsel, and share helpful information to establish rapport and encourage repeat business.

Demonstrate Expertise:

Social media is the perfect venue to showcase your knowledge and provide insightful guidance. You demonstrate expertise in your industry by consistently posting insightful information on social media, such as guides, advice, and industry insights. Doing this will position you as an authority in the field and win your audience’s trust. Always watch for any complaints your followers may have on social media regarding their plumbing problems, and try to promptly and politely address them.

Run targeted ads:


If you’re already conversant with your target audience and know where they are, you can run targeted advertisements to reach them. Social media advertising allows you to reach a specific geographic or demographic group, draw attention to your special offers, advertise your services, share your contact information and increase traffic to your website.

Work with influencers: Collaborate with influencers or nearby bloggers who boast of a large following in your community. They can aid in service promotion and offer sincere reviews. Influencers lend credibility to your plumbing business, increase your reputation, and attract quality leads that convert to paying customers. 

Join Social media communities:

Join communities and conversations on plumbing or related service areas. Interacting with current and potential customers on social media entails much more, like engaging with them outside your business profile. You can establish your brand as fascinating by starting thought-provoking conversations, responding to existing queries or comments, or just “liking” or “reacting” to comments. 

Integrate hashtags:

Posting hashtags to your content gives you two benefits. Firstly, they make it simpler for people to find your posts when looking for particular topics or hobbies. Secondly, they ensure that your postings align with current trends in your business. You can use hashtag tools such as Best-Hashtags to find trending hashtags for plumbers on social media, which you can use in your posts. 

Implement local search engine optimization (SEO):


You will have to invest in local SEO for your plumbing business to grow your social media following and raise brand awareness. SEO is enhanced by optimized and engaging social media content, and vice versa. The more engaging your social media content is, the higher your business profile is ranked on the search engine results page.

This makes your plumbing business more visible to people searching for a “local plumber.” Create a Google Business profile (formerly Google My Business) with details about your location, hours of operation, service area, and contact information. Include links to your social media accounts and website. Gather reviews from Google and use Local Services Ads and Google Ads.

Use social media management tools:

You can choose from various self-service automation tools to manage your social media platforms. Social media management tools support content creation, publishing, tracking, audience engagement, and more. A social media management tool can plan social media posts for your plumbing business on multiple platforms to save time on manual publication. It can assist your plumbing business in creating engaging web and social media content that is memorable and encourages interaction.  

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Benefits of Social Media for Plumbers 

  • Expands your reach and online visibility
  • Increases your credibility and authority
  • Attracting qualified leads
  • Building relationships

Expands your reach and online visibility 

Exposure and visibility

With billions of active users worldwide, social media platforms give businesses broad reach and visibility. It may surprise you that there are over 5 billion active social media users and that, on average, users spend almost a third of their online time on these platforms. Facebook alone has 3.065 billion monthly active users.

These statistics indicate that social media allows you to reach a wider audience than you would have. One of the many benefits of social media for small businesses like plumbers is its widespread use. It provides you with access to a vast pool of possible customers. You can increase your visibility by organic postings, and by focusing on particular audiences with social media advertising, you can reach even more people. 

Increases your credibility and authority 

Building your brand and establishing yourself as an authority in your industry are two significant benefits of social media for plumbers. Create a brand persona or a collection of features that best describe your business before starting out on social media. This persona will determine your social media posts’ voice or style. 

Making a brand persona aids in improving your planning for target audience marketing. This helps give you some direction, but it doesn’t imply every post has to be the same. Your followers will recognize your brand’s personality and what your company stands for if you publish consistently. As you share wise counsel and factual plumbing information on your blog, people will start to regard you as a reliable authority in the industry. They will be more inclined to trust you when they need plumbing services or repairs.

Attracting qualified leads 


Social networking allows plumbers to produce quality leads—social media users who have expressed interest in their business and are likely to become customers. You can employ direct messaging, call-to-action buttons, and lead-generation forms to contact potential customers and start a dialogue. Social media effectively grows your customer base by engaging with potential consumers interested in your services.  

Building relationships 

While building a strong social media presence, establish relationships that eventually lead to trust and attract new customers. Plumbers can also interact and develop relationships with existing customers on social media platforms. Interacting with other users directly on social media is an excellent way to develop relationships. Posts should include questions to promote conversation timely and polite responses to messages, comments, and inquiries on all social media platforms. Taking this initiative will help a plumbing business cultivate a reputation for dependability and trust among its target audience. 

Social Media Post Ideas for Plumbers

  • Share plumbing tips
  • Organize social media contests
  • Share reviews and testimonials
  • Create DIY videos
  • Feature your staff and customers
  • Show your work and behind-the-scene pictures
  • Add Humor

Share plumbing tips 

The hack is to think about your customers when preparing content. What do they need from you? What are their pain points? Break through the competition and get your audience’s attention by sharing plumbing content that addresses their needs.

You can share plumbing tips for handling simple plumbing issues. You can also provide a handbook that outlines the procedures to follow in a plumbing emergency or indicates when to call a plumber.

For example, a plumbing company might publish a blog entry about the value of routine drain cleaning, the ideal kinds of faucets for various uses, tips on water conservation, an entertaining infographic about the background of plumbing, or any other tip that can be helpful to avoid a plumbing problem in the future.

You can also start writing thought-provoking articles about plumbing problems, developments, and funny pictures of plumbing accidents and distribute them across your social media platforms. This will provide valuable information to your audience and drive traffic to your website. 

Organize social media contests 

Another social media idea is organizing social media contests on your business platforms. For instance, you could ask people to guess the name of a plumbing equipment by posting a photo. Or ask followers to estimate how much water a well-known building uses daily. The prize could be to make the next plumbing repair free for whoever gives the correct or closest answer. These contests are a great way to get your audience more involved. 

Share reviews and testimonials 

Testimonials from satisfied customers can be a potent tool for increasing credibility and trust with your audience. Request testimonials from satisfied customers attesting to their good experiences with your services. Positive reviews can influence prospective clients to choose your business. React and express gratitude to the reviewer when you receive a positive one. However, if you receive a negative review, recognize the problem and offer to find an alternative solution.

Create DIY videos 

Videos are a great way to pique the interest of your audience. Post do-it-yourself videos demonstrating basic plumbing repairs, and you will be guaranteed to increase post engagement. For example, you can demonstrate to your followers how to shut off the water in case of a leak.

Instagram videos receive 21.2% more engagement than photos; tweets, including videos, receive ten times more interaction than those without them. Incorporating DIY videos into your social media strategy will contribute significantly to your plumbing business by drawing new customers. 

Feature your staff and customers 

Posts on social media are also a great avenue to display the human side of your brand and express your gratitude to your staff and customers. Post pictures of your staff members during their birthday or work anniversary, and express your gratitude for their hard work. An appreciation post expressing gratitude to an exceptionally devoted customer can go a long way. Remember that you should never upload a picture of someone without their consent. 

Show your work and behind-the-scene pictures 

If you’re working on a project, it’s time to share pictures. Share pictures of your work in progress and the finished version. Uploading images of your work is a fantastic method to showcase your abilities. Just ensure you obtain your customer’s consent before sharing any pictures of the job you’ve done for them on the internet.

Also, share a behind-the-scene posts. It provides an overview of your daily operation. This way, you establish a close connection with your followers. You can post eye-catching images of your staff working on projects, unusual plumbing difficulties, before-and-after makeovers, or even brief peeks at your everyday activities. Putting your team’s professionalism and knowledge on display will help you draw in new customers. 

Add Humor 

Making your fans laugh is another approach to adding value to them. Try sending funny pictures or jokes about plumbing. Keep your humor appropriate and professional to avoid unintentionally offending your clients. 

Final Thoughts 

Major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are reliable platforms for plumbing businesses to advertise their services. You utilize the knowledge, guide, and post ideas covered in this article to unleash the full potential of your plumbing business, establish a connection with target markets, raise awareness, and achieve your marketing goals. 

Plumbing Social Media FAQs

What are the Best Social Media Platforms for Plumbers?

When considering the best social media platforms for plumbers, it is important to choose platforms that cater to visual content and provide opportunities to showcase before and after photos of their work. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest are great for showcasing visually appealing images and videos of completed projects and can help plumbers attract new customers. 

How do plumbers find client?

Plumbers often find clients through a combination of word-of-mouth referrals, online marketing strategies, and partnerships with other businesses. As a plumber you can find new clients by advertising your services with Google Ads, on local newspapers, on social media platforms, or through home improvement websites. Establishing a strong online presence and providing exceptional customer service can help attract new clients and build a loyal customer base. Also, networking with real estate agents, property managers, and construction companies can also lead to new client opportunities.

How do I market myself as a plumber?

Marketing yourself as a plumber involves showcasing your skills, experience, and reliability to potential clients. Utilize social media platforms to share case studies of your work, create a professional website highlighting your services, and ask satisfied customers for testimonials to build trust. 

What is the best platform to advertise a plumbing business?

Google Ads is a highly effective platform for advertising a plumbing business due to its targeting options and ability to reach users actively searching for plumbing services. Additionally, Facebook Ads can be useful for targeting specific demographics and promoting special offers or promotions. Utilizing both platforms can maximize visibility and reach.

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