15 Winter HVAC Advertising Ideas that Made Our Client $300k

winter hvac ad ideas to help you get more clients - by Hvac marketing xperts

11 Creative Winter HVAC Ad Ideas to Try Out this Year

As the year begins to draw to an end, temperatures hit a new low, and the need for a heating solution becomes prevalent. Winter is here, which means that heat pumps and furnaces are left on for hours resulting in the need for tune-ups and repairs. 

This is when you run winter-themed ads to reach your loyal customers and prospects. And these winter HVAC ad ideas will help you get the most out of your advertising budget. Now, let’s explore them. 

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Special Winter Discount Promotion 

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HVAC is a seasonal business with two peak seasons: summer and winter. The latter leads to heat pumps and furnaces wearing out and breaking down. This provides an opening for you to reach as many residents as you can with winter discount promotions. 

You might not like to run a discount on your peak months but it can grant you an edge in an ever competitive HVAC industry. A price slash on your furnace repairs and tune-ups can spell the difference between surpassing annual profits or ending the year with mediocre ROI. 

Strategy: Run limited-time discounts a month before the winter season and reduce the discounts when snowflakes start raining down. Use different channels like Google Ads, Facebook, and direct mail postcards. 

Heat Pump and Furnace Repair Ad 

image 26

More heat pump and furnace repair jobs will roll in, in the cold season but you don’t need to sit back and wait to receive calls when you can run repair service ads. 

It will be best to run separate campaigns for heat pumps and furnaces targeting different segments of your audience which are your current customers and soon-to-be clients. In that case, your ad should be specific, say no more than heat pump and furnace repair to gain more qualified leads and jobs. 

Strategy: Target furnace and heat pump repair keywords on Google Search Ads and optimize it for your location. Then promote both campaigns using social media ads. You can use a TV commercial if you have the budget. 

Pre-winter Maintenance Ad

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Some residents are proactive and don’t like to wait till their heat pump breaks down in the freezing winter. They would be glad to tune up their furnace or heat pump to evade it. 

Your pre-winter maintenance ad could come in October and run more aggressively in November to prepare for the cold months. Then build your ad theme around the fear of heavy repair costs and even worse purchasing a new heating unit. 

Strategy: Combine both organic HVAC marketing and ads to emphasize the need to maintain their heating unit before the cold months. 

You can do this with pre-winter:

  • Social media posts and ads
  • Emails
  • Postcards
  • Google Ads
  • Blog posts, and so on.

Heat Pump and Furnace Installation Ad

image 23

As winter fast approaches some homeowners will want to replace their old furnaces to avoid expensive repairs while others will want a more energy-efficient unit to save money. 

You can leverage this by running heating unit installation campaigns with an offer like a free maintenance call or savings on unit costs. To sweeten the deal you can provide a financing option like monthly installments for lower-budget leads.

Strategy: Launch heating unit installation ads on platforms like Google Search Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn(for commercial HVAC). 

Free Christmas themed Gift Card 

image 28

Not every ad is meant to lead to a service booking. Some are done to attract leads and get in the good books of prospects–that’s what HVAC gift cards are for. A gift card is a pre-paid debit card that nudges your prospects to purchase your service and keep your customers coming back for more. 

What better way to spread the love in the spirit of Christmas than with gift cards? Your gift card can be for a service repair on their next call. Whatever works for your business. 

Strategy: Use both organic and paid channels to spread the word about your Christmas gift card. For ads, social media should be your mainstay and your primary target is your present customers. 

Funny HVAC Winter Ad

image 29

Your ad doesn’t always have to be all serious and corporate. Sometimes you have to go overboard with humorous ads that will make your audience laugh their heads off. 

Putting a smile on people’s faces might be the perfect ingredient to make the sale stand out from the competition. 

Funny HVAC Ads make your ad seem less like an advertisement and more like a meme that will build an emotional connection with your audience and drive engagement. If funny ads don’t sit well with your branding then you can go with other ideas in this post. 

Strategy: Funny HVAC winter ads should be mainly used on social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, and also in TV commercials. 

Lead-Gen Winterize Ads

Lead-Gen winterized ads should be done during the fall season and well into the winter season. Because outdoor air conditioners and heat pumps can get buried in snow storms. Which can result in leaking ducts or broken components. 

Ensure that your ebook or HVAC winterizing handbook is packed with practical steps to prepare HVAC units for the freezing days ahead. The ebook design and headline should capture the interests of prospects to convert them. 

Strategy: HVAC winter lead generation ads can be run on social media and Google Ads to get more reach. You can also send the resource to your contacts to keep them engaged and well-informed. 

Free Service on the Next Purchase 

image 30

Most of your loyal customers and prospects wouldn’t want to pass up an opportunity to get a free service on their next purchase. That’s the kind of deal that drives sales and repeat business. 

The free service could be an HVAC unit diagnosis, filter replacement, or cleaning. This ad can help you to get customers who don’t have the budget or love jumping on free offers. Note these types of ads should be run for a short time to create a sense of urgency and save funds. 

Strategy: You can choose to target customers who haven’t patronized your business for a long time or entice prospects with a free service on their first call. In either case, different ads should be used. Social media ads and TV commercials will suffice. 

Annual or Quarterly Subscription Ad

If you have a maintenance subscription plan then now may be the best time to promote it, just before the new year. In your ad, you’d have to explain why an annual or quarterly subscription will save costs for residents and prevent future HVAC repairs. 

This ad will resonate more with individuals looking to save on HVAC repair costs because they understand the importance of tune-ups. 

Strategy: Be clear on the benefits of your plan and the annual plan should be cheaper than your quarterly plan to increase your customer life cycle. Use Google Ads and social media ads to spread the word. 

End-of-Year Promotion(or Last Chance) Ad

image 31

Some people won’t bite on your offer till the very last minute, so you have to be persistent and use the FOMO(fear of missing out) strategy.  One positive of using the FOMO strategy is that it can apply to any advertising idea. 

A simple design and well-written ad copy can strike fear in your customers or prospects and prompt them to act on your winter sale promo. 

Strategy: This ad should be promoted primarily on social media, as the last ad in your winter campaign. 

Winter Donation Ad

Since it’s a season of love and sharing, you can leverage this to run ads saying that a certain percentage of your service purchase will be given to a local charity organization. 

The goal here is not to show off but to build a relationship with your community members. And they will trust, like your company, and want to do more business with you. 

Some individuals might want to purchase your services when they know that they are also supporting lives. 

Strategy: A 5% or 10% cut from your HVAC service and installation jobs will do. This ad should be run only on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You can also feature this on your website and email newsletters. 

Wrapping Up: Winter HVAC Ideas to Try Out 

You might not see the need to spend on advertisements in the winter season since it’s when your HVAC services are in high demand. But your area might be saturated with HVAC companies making it a hot race to get leads and customers. 

With these Winter HVAC ad ideas, you can reach your customers and prospects right where they are. You don’t have to wait till the cold weather kicks in before you start promoting your business. Sketch a detailed plan in the fall season and start running your ads early enough.

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Positive testimonials from hvac companies to hvacmarketingxperts agency

What makes “Hvac Marketing Xperts” the best digital marketing agency for Hvac businesses?

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