Plumbing Ads: 20 Plumber Advertising Tips to Get New Clients

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Plumbing Advertising: Ad Ideas and Examples for Plumbers

Plumbing is an essential service for residential and commercial purposes, but it is also a competitive industry. If you want to grow your plumbing business, attract potential customers, and stay on top of your game, you must prioritize advertising. 

Advertising your plumbing business online will help your business stand out from the competition and fetch the leads, calls, appointments, and sales you need. 

Keep reading to learn the best advertising ideas and examples for your plumbing business. 

Need help with plumbing advertising?

Many people ask Google first when they need a service or product. You can utilize the following Google ad formats to advertise your plumbing business.

Google local service ads 

Google Local Service Ads Graphics (Flat Icons)

Do you want to be the first result to appear when someone searches for “plumbers near me” or “best plumber in Chicago” on Google? Then, you have to invest in Google local service advertising.

chicago plumber ad results

Local service ads are digital ads by Google displayed at the top of the search results page when users type in a specific service-related query. Google local service ads work on a pay-per-lead model, meaning you only have to pay when a potential client contacts you about a service.

Plumbers can use Local service ads to advertise their business for the first time, get more customers to schedule more work in neighborhoods, and maximize a limited advertising budget. Google local service ads include the name of your plumbing business, your Google rating, your service area, your business hours, and your phone number.

Also, your ads will bear the Google Guaranteed badge, which verifies that Google has reviewed and approved your company. Google local service ads are easy to run since they don’t need any graphics or images. 

Google search ads 

Google Search Ads Graphics (Flat Icons)

Google search ads require you to place a bid on particular keywords or phrases that you know your target audience uses when looking for plumbing services such as, “plumbing service,” “plumbing repair,” “plumbers near me,” “drain cleaning,” or “emergency plumbing.” Google search ads use the cost-per-click (CPC) model, which entails that you only pay when a potential customer interacts with your ad.

Plumbing SEO Agency Ad Results

Google Search Ads can be used by plumbers to target customers who are actively in need of plumbing services, make the most of a larger marketing budget, and attain a wide reach.

Your Google Search Ads will include a headline containing the key phrase a potential customer is using to search for plumbing services, a description that highlights the special benefits of your plumbing services, a call to action urging visitors to visit your website, and a URL that directs prospective customers to a page where they can find out more information about your business. 

Google display ads 

Google Display Ads Graphics (Flat Icons)

Unlike local service ads and search ads, Google display ads, as the name implies, appear as images, banners, or videos. You can use Google display ads to target certain demographics or individuals who have previously interacted with your plumbing website. You can use Google display ads to boost online traffic for your plumbing business and grow your online presence.

Google Display Ads on a SEJ Webpage

Your display ads should include your plumbing business name, logo, message, relevant images, and a clear call to action, such as “Call now” or “Make an appointment.” Monitoring the effectiveness of your ads and making required adjustments is essential to getting the most out of your Google Ad investment.

Social Media Ads for Plumbers 

Social Media Ads Graphics (Flat Icons)

Every brand and business requires a social media presence regardless of the kind of products or services they offer, including the plumbing business. You may easily connect with your ideal customers on a personal level through your Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube profile and track the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaigns.

Jason Salem Facebook Ad on Target Audience

Social media allows you to make and target a specific demographic using factors like geography, interests, and age. It helps in boosting brand recognition and generating qualified leads.

A lot of plumbers spend money on social media ads to market their services, post feedback from satisfied customers, or display a job well done. With the aid of these sponsored ads, plumbers can reach a target audience with tailored messaging with a call to action that generates high-quality leads.

The importance of social media ads for plumbers include:

  • Targeting a specific audience based on factors like geography, age, and other crucial demographic data.
  • Generating more qualified leads and increasing brand awareness. 
  • Complete control over your advertising budget and tracking metrics like clicks and conversions. 
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Traditional Advertising for Plumbers 

While digital marketing might be trendy, remember that implementing strategies to reach your target audience matters more. Traditional ads can be an effective way to connect with specific customer segments.

For instance, if you’re looking to generate more leads, sending printed collateral rather than digital options like Facebook or Google ads can be a more successful strategy to reach older individuals in your town. Traditional methods of plumber advertising that are still effective today include: 

Sending out postcards or flyers:


Are you running a promotion or discount? Create and publish some eye-catching flyers or postcards to inform the people in your business area. To ensure that your marketing materials are noticed, be sure to incorporate eye-catching imagery and lots of color, along with clear contact details. 

Increasing your visibility with yard signs:

These affordable eye-catchers are a great way to spread the word about your business in your local community. Design eye-catching signs and ask your satisfied customers to display them in their yards. To thank them for their support, you can offer them a discount, enter them in a prize draw, or provide another incentive that works for you.

Distributing promotional items:

You can leave a lasting impression by sharing branded items. Promotional items are a budget-friendly way to keep your plumbing business out there. Invest in high-quality, stylish items like pens, drinkware, or phone accessories – practical gifts people will use. Let your brand come to your customers’ minds every time they reach for your custom mug or jot down a note.

Tips to Create Best Ads for Plumbers 

Set your advertising budget 


It’s already stated that advertising your plumbing business can be a powerful tool for scaling your business. It is important to set an advertising budget that works for you. How much are you willing to spend to get a new lead?

The cost of acquiring a new customer is your customer acquisition cost (CAC). Think about your advertising goals and how many new customers you’d like to attract each month. Multiply your CAC by your desired number of new customers to get your monthly advertising budget. Stick to your budget; advertising costs may increase and you might be tempted to exceed your budget.

Create a Google business profile 


Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) is a free advertising tool that highlights your plumbing business to your potential customers. Head to Google’s dedicated page and create your profile in minutes. Once set up, Google will display your business listing in Maps and Search results whenever someone searches for plumbing services in your area. Display your address, service updates, reviews, operation time, and even a link to your website for easy appointment booking.

Google’s business profile includes a call button allowing potential customers to connect instantly with your business. 

Optimizer your website 


People looking for assistance with frozen pipes, a broken water heater, or a leaking faucet might find your website more easily if you implement search engine optimization (SEO).

Your website could become lost in the search engine rankings if it is not optimized for search engines. This makes it nearly impossible for users to discover your website organically.

Web searchers will find your website more relevant and helpful if it loads quickly and offers a user-friendly experience, increasing the chances of your business ranking higher in search results. You can implement SEO practices by including keywords in the content of your website. Make natural use of the search terms that consumers might use to find your services in the text and headings of your web content. 

Set your advertising goals 


Knowing what you want to achieve is crucial for crafting a winning ad campaign. For example, if you’re launching a new product or service, generate excitement with eye-catching display ads that grab attention across various websites. If you’re just starting and need leads, Google local service ads or search ads are perfect for driving quick leads and establishing your presence.

If you need to expand your reach and stand out from the competition, you can double down on targeted advertising. Ensure to choose ad platforms that are a perfect fit for your goals. Tailor your message to your target audience. Each platform offers specific targeting options to ensure you reach the right people with the right message. 

Understand your target audience 

Customer avatar

Who is your target audience? Before diving into Facebook, Google, Thumbtack, or lawn signs, take a step back and identify your ideal plumbing customer. 

The following questions will help you understand your target audience: 

  • Demographics: Where do they live (neighborhoods)? What kind of property do they own (house, apartment, commercial)? Age range? Family status? Income bracket?
  • Online Habits: Which social media platforms are they active on? Do they prefer offline channels (library, community center)?
  • Plumbing Needs: What plumbing services will they most likely need?

By answering these questions, you can craft targeted ads that resonate with your ideal customer. Grab a pen and paper, or open a document, and start creating your customer persona. The more detailed you get, the more impactful your ads will be! 

Craft your unique selling proposition 

Your unique selling proposition (USP) is what differentiates your plumbing business from other plumbing businesses. As a plumbing business owner, you should be able to explain who your services are for, why you offer the services you do, and how you want to be perceived.

Having a firm understanding of your USP makes it easier for potential customers to choose you from the many options at their disposal. Put your USP in a sentence or a few words and use it in your plumbing advertisements. 

Design your ads 


Design appealing ads for your plumbing business by focusing on a single message such as a product or service, a testimonial, or before and after pictures. Keep your design basic by utilizing Canva’s complimentary templates to create attractive ads. Include a call to action urging customers to visit your website or give you a call to make an appointment. To maintain consistency and memorability, utilize your brand colors in all your ad designs. 

Monitor the progress of your ad campaigns 

You’ll have to monitor the performance and outcomes of your ads to maximize the impact of your plumbing advertising efforts. This will help you determine whether your advertising is accomplishing your objectives and which advertising platforms are most effective for your plumbing business.  

Retarget website visitors to boost sales

It’s still possible that visitors who browse your plumbing website leave without taking any action. Retargeting ads can help you get them back. Ads are displayed to internet visitors who have previously visited your website through retargeting campaigns.

You can remind them of your business’s existence by using retargeting. This should encourage them to get in touch with your business if they still require plumbing services. The good news is that remarketing works incredibly well. Retargeting campaigns have an average of ten times greater impact than standard display ads. 

Develop referral initiatives

Enterprises that use referral initiatives experience 71% increased conversion rates. This is because recommendations from peers and colleagues are much more likely to be trusted than commercials. Utilize this to your advantage and start a referral program to help advertise your plumbing business.

It might be as simple as offering 10% off any repair or installation service to a customer who referred a friend or family member. This may be sufficient encouragement for your current clients to assist you spread the word about your excellent plumbing services. 


When it comes to choosing a plumber, home and business owners have many options to choose from. Effective plumbing advertising can help your company stand out from the competition. 

We have covered in this article the best channels plumbers can use for digital advertising and tips for creating effective plumbing advertising strategies for their plumbing business.

Plumbing Ad FAQs

How do I advertise my plumbing work?

You can advertise your plumbing work with the help of your plumbing website, Plumbing SEO, and Plumbing PPC ads. When done right, these plumbing marketing strategies will ensure you are the top of mind in your area for your target customers. 

What is the best slogan for a plumber?

Below are a few slogans plumbers can use for their Google ad campaign:

1. Plumbing problems? We’ve got the solutions!
2. Leaky pipes? No problem! Our plumbers are here to fix it all.
3. Leaky pipes? We’ll fix them in a snap!
4. Your go-to plumber for all your plumbing needs!
5. Quality service at affordable prices!
6. Don’t let plumbing issues ruin your day – call us now!

What is the best platform for plumbing advertising?

Google Ads is often considered one of the best platforms to use for plumbing advertising. With its ability to target specific keywords and locations, plumbers can reach customers who are actively searching for their services. Additionally, Facebook Ads can also be a valuable platform for plumbing advertising, allowing plumbers to target specific demographics and interests.

Another effective platform for plumbers is HomeAdvisor, a service that connects homeowners with local professionals. By listing their services on HomeAdvisor, plumbers can reach a large audience of potential customers who are in need of plumbing services. Overall, a combination of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and HomeAdvisor can provide plumbers with a comprehensive advertising strategy to help grow their business.

How do I get more customers for my plumbing business?

To get more customers for your plumbing business try these tips below:

1. Utilize online marketing: Having a strong online presence is crucial for attracting new customers. Create a professional website showcasing your services, and utilize social media platforms to promote your business. Consider investing in plumbing advertising to reach a larger audience.

2. Offer competitive pricing and promotions: To entice new customers, consider offering competitive pricing and promotions. This can help you stand out from competitors and attract customers who are looking for a good deal.

3. Ask for referrals: Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool. Encourage satisfied customers to refer their friends and family to your plumbing business. Offering incentives for referrals can also help increase the likelihood of customers spreading the word about your services.

4. Network with other professionals: Building relationships with other professionals in related industries, such as real estate agents or contractors, can help you get more leads for your plumbing business. Networking can also lead to valuable partnerships and collaborations that can benefit your business in the long run.

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