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Our Lead Generation experts have plenty of hands-on HVAC SEO experience. And they utilize it to devise as well as execute proven lead generation techniques!

Retainer vs PPL

There are 2 primary HVAC lead generation options for contractors. While you can avail both with us, your decision should be based on proper information about HVAC SEO Services. We’ve shed some light on this below.

Pros/Cons of Pay Per Lead

Scalable & Simple

Can scale rapidly (100s of leads/week)

Can list the criteria of a lead (size of home, etc)

Extremely simple deliverable - LEADS

Best for owners looking to scale quickly with a sizeable ad budget ($3,000-$5,000 minimum)

You don't own any marketing assets used

Need to have extremely strong sales team

We Offer Everything You Need to Accelerate Your Business

Check out our core programs. We offer 3 times more than our competitors!

Retainer Based Model

Comprehensive & Long-Term

You own 100% of the assets we build for you (website, funnels, pages, etc)

Pay a flat-fee every month (no surprises)

Best for companies looking to hedge their business growth across multiple rev-streams

Slower than getting 100% leads sent to you

Can be annoying paying monthly retainer

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Let's Build Your
Sales Machine

Did You Know?

Having less or zero customer reviews on the site is as bad as having negative reviews. This thing will impact the trust level of your potential clients over you, and they might end up choosing your competitors, who may have better and abundant customer reviews on their sites.

HVAC Contractor

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AC Seller

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We look forward to working with you to take your online marketing efforts to the next level

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sales Questions

Our pricing varies based on what we'll be completing for your business. However, our primary HMX Accelerator Program currently starts at $1,797/mo

This is a great question, as a rule of thumb, we've found the companies with the highest degree of success with our services are generating a minimum of $350,000/yr in revenue. However, this is not a requirement. 

Great question, we do offer multiple guarantees based on which services we're providing for you, this includes positive keyword ranking guarantees for SEO, timeline guarantees website design, and PPC. 

We get this question a LOT. We don't lock you into a long term contract for any of our services. However, we do offer massive discounts on our services if you'd like to opt-in to a longer term agreement (minimum 3 months). 

Great question, we can have a new funnel built for your offer and generating leads in as little as 7 days. 

Great question, yes, our main services include:

  • HMX Program**
  • SEO (Organic & Maps)
  • Website Design
  • Google Ads (PPC, LSA, GDN)
  • Reputation Management 
  • Lead-Nurturing & Database Reactivation
  • Retargeting (FB, Google, YT)
  • Social Media Management

**Our "HMX Accelerator Program" include each of our core services bundled into one incredible offer at a price your jaw will drop at. Check it out here (link)

Lead Generation Questions

This is a great question, yes the leads we generate for your business are 100% exclusive to you. 

Great question, if we don't currently have a lead gen funnel built for your offer + lead criteria, we can have one built and a campaign generating leads in as little as 7 days. 

Great question, we've found this answer varies depending on the company we're selling the leads to. We've tested splitting a batch of leads into two and sending them to different companies (not the same leads), and the company with: 

  • Stronger brand presence
  • More comprehensive sales process
  • Competitive financing 
  • Extensive closing experience

Were the contractors who were closing between 40-50% of the leads we sent to them. Your closing rate will ultimately depend on those above factors. 

Great question. 


  • More cost effective 
  • We're doing more work-per-dollar for you (website design, SEO, rep. mgmt, lead gen, etc)
  • We're developing assets for your business that you own 100%
  • The results of our work will continue to generate high-quality leads even if we decide to part ways after 12+ months
  • Highest quality leads come from SEO & organic 
  • Helps build your business brand alongside lead-gen


  • There is a monthly retainer fee
  • Because SEO is extremely confusing to some, it can be hard to tell exactly what we're doing in the beginning (we've developed detailed reporting to mitigate this)
  • Not as transparent as pay-per-lead (mentioned above)
  • More time-intensive in the beginning

The pay-per-lead model flips the retainer model around with the company accepting most of the up-front risk in exchange for a flat rate on an agreed upon number of leads per week. 



  • Extremely simple pricing 
  • Client has minimal risk
  • Very scalable/profitable with a strong sales team in place
  • Can request massive amounts of leads for larger sales organizations



  • Client doesn't own any of the lead generation assets used by company (funnels, ad accounts, pixels, etc)
  • Requires higher budget
  • Requires client has a very broad service area (usually region-wide or state-wide) for affordable CPL
  • Need to be able to handle a lot of leads

As a general rule, we usually recommend to first build up a strong organic online presence (which we can achieve with the retainer model) before moving into PPL. Doing this will not only increase your closing rate (on avg), but also give you a steadily increasing flow of leads by which to build a strong foundation before rapidly scaling. 


However, if your company is larger (5m+) and has the budget to spend on leads to feed your sales team, pay per lead is the way to go. 

Great question, it will depend on what kind of leads we're going to be generating for you (HVAC install leads/service leads/duct replacement/etc). 

The primary calculation we use for our lead costs is as follows:

  • Work out the Average Order Value (AOV). Ex. A converted lead could be worth $3,000 in a particular instance.
  • Divide the AOV by 3. ($3,000/3 = $1,000)
  • Figure out the 5% conversion rate (5/100 x $1,000 = $50)

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