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PPC for Plumbers: The Ultimate Guide

PPC for plumbers is awesome because it can work for any business even if you’re a new plumbing company or an established company.

That’s why Pay Per Click is one of the best advertising channels for local businesses. What better way to get in front of your local audience than to run ads on the platforms they use almost every day? 

In this guide, we’ll show you how plumbers can run effective PPC campaigns to attract and convert leads. 

What is PPC for Plumbers? 

What is Plumbing PPC- HVAC Marketing Xperts

Plumbing PPC(Pay-per-click) ads refer to ads that you pay for each click on search engine result pages. When a prospect clicks on your ad they are directed to your website where they can book your plumbing services. You can find PPC ads on search engine result pages(SERPs), websites, or social media platforms. 

Advantages of PPC for Plumbing Companies

The advantages of PPC for Plumbers are numerous, here are a few. 

Targeted Advertising


Imagine showing your ads only to people of a certain demographic in your work location. And these are residents who are highly interested in your plumbing services. It will increase your chances of winning them over because your ad is geo-targeted and niched down. 

Increase Brand Awareness 

On the bright side, even if users don’t click on your plumbing ad, seeing it repeatedly can increase your brand awareness. 

PPC ads act as a constant visual reminder of your plumbing company’s existence, which will aid in building recognition and trust over time; this can potentially translate into organic traffic and conversions as users become familiar with your brand. 

Quick Results 

Your plumbing ads can start showing immediately after your campaign goes live. This rapid activation gets your message in front of potential customers quickly, driving traffic to your website almost instantly. This is a significant advantage, especially for new plumbing businesses or those with time-sensitive promotions.

Measurable ROI

Revenue growth

PPC platforms like Google ads provide detailed analytics, making it easy to track conversions and measure your return on investment (ROI). 

You can track the performance of individual keywords, ad variations, and landing pages, allowing you to identify what works and refine your campaign for better results.

Flexible Budgeting

With PPC ads for plumbers, you can set a budget and only pay when someone clicks on your plumbing ad. You have complete control over how much you spend. This flexibility allows you to start small, test the waters, and gradually scale your campaign as you see success. 

How Does PPC Advertising Work for Plumbing Companies? 

How Plumbing PPC Ad Works - HVAC Marketing Xperts

Plumbing Pay-per-click ads slightly vary in different platforms so we’ll use Google ads as a case study. Let’s assume you want to run an ad on Google search. You will first create your Google ads account and create your campaign. 

In your ad campaign, you will be asked to bid on the keywords you want to target. Each keyword has a cost per click(CPC) which is determined by the amount your competitors are bidding for the phrase. Then you’d enter your keywords, write your ad copy, and design your landing page. 

When your plumbing ad goes live, Google will rank your ad based on some metrics like bidding amount and quality score. 

The quality score here means the relevance of your ad and landing page compared to your competitors. Finally, when a prospect clicks on your ad you will pay a certain amount (that’s why it’s called pay per click). 

You can adjust your budget, ad copy, or landing page content anytime even as you monitor your ad click-through rates (CTR) and conversions. 

Types of PPC Platforms for Plumbers 

PPC Platforms for Plumbers - HVAC Marketing Xperts

Different plumbing PPC platforms come with some special features that set them apart. They include:

Google Ads

Google ads

Google is the most popular pay-per-click platform globally and most of its revenue comes from PPC ads. Google Ads works on an auction-based system where you bid on keywords and your ad is ranked based on several factors as discussed earlier. 

Clicking on the ad will take a user to your site where you have to convince them that you’re the best guy for the job. 

There are different forms of Google ads which are:

  • Search ads: These ads appear on Google search engine, before the organic results and also in between them.
  • Display(or banner ads): You can find these ads on websites, Google products like Gmail, and apps in the Google Play Store. 
  • Video ads: These are ads you see every day on YouTube. It’s mostly displayed at the beginning of a video and sometimes at the middle or end of a video. 

Social Media Ads

Facebook ads

Social media ads work a CPM(cost per 1000 impressions) and CPC(cost per click) model. Although there are other metrics like cost per result CPM and CPC are the most used metrics. 

With social media ads, you can target your local audience based on demographics, interests, and online behaviors. And your ads will be shown only to prospects within your state or city. 

In addition to getting customers, social media ads can give you a lot of brand exposure and website traffic. It normally appears as sponsored posts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, X, and TikTok. 

Social media ads can provide you with different types of ads like carousels, videos, images, text, and sponsored messaging ads. The options vary depending on the social platform you’re using. 

Microsoft Ads

Microsoft ads

Microsoft ads is a PPC platform for plumbers that allows you to advertise on the Bing search engine and Microsoft products and partners like Yahoo. 

It’s quite similar to Google ads because it works on the cost-per-click system where you have to select keywords and create your ad content. After that, your ad will be ranked and shown to people who fall under your chosen location. 

Although Microsoft ads are cheaper than Google ads, it has a smaller audience. However, you can use it to find a new audience to market to. 

Microsoft offers a wide range of ads that you can run, they are:

  • Expanded text ads 
  • Dynamic search ads
  • Microsoft advertising in Bing smart search 
  • Product ads
  • Audience ads 
  • Multimedia ads and 
  • App install ads 

Steps for Successful Plumbing PPC Campaigns 


Follow these steps to create successful plumbing PPC campaigns that are repeatable and cost-effective. 

Identify your Advertising Goals

Goal Target

Without goals, there would be no yardstick to suggest that your ads are doing fine or going downhill. First, you need to identify the primary goal of your ad and the secondary goals you would like to achieve. Your primary and secondary goals could be to get leads and build brand awareness in a new location. 

Choose your Ad Platform


Every PPC platform has its advantages and unique features that set it apart from the others. 

However, you have to choose a platform where you can easily find the local homeowners or businesses in your area. A good place to start is Google Ads since it is the go-to platform for finding local businesses.

When you’ve got a little success then you can use platforms like Facebook. You can also add LinkedIn if you serve commercial businesses in your area. 

Find the Right Local Keywords

keyword research

The secret to creating successful plumbing PPC ads is in your keyword choice. To do this, list the plumbing services you want to market and enter them into an SEO tool like SEMrush, Ahrefs, Search Atlas, or Moz. Then use metrics like search volume, keyword difficulty, and CPC to find local keywords that match your plumbing services. 

It’s advisable to target more long-tail keywords because they have more buying intent and less competition. However, going broad will help you reach more people. 

Add Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are phrases that are similar to your target keywords but don’t have any transactional intent. For example, “plumbing job” and “free plumbing tips”. 

Therefore, you need to include them while setting up your campaign so you don’t waste your budget ranking for keywords that won’t lead to a sale.

Write a Good Ad Copy 

Write web copy

Don’t use AI writers here otherwise, you’d end up with a boring ad that only shares information. If you’re going to do so then ensure you edit it properly. 

Also, place your keywords in your headers and body copy in an engaging way. For example, if you’re running a Google search ad, your headline should carry your primary keyword and promise a benefit. 

And the copy under it should build more interest and desire so users can click on them. A simple copywriting framework like AIDA (Attention Interest Desire Action) and PAS (Problem Agitation Solution)  can work out. 

Create a Converting Landing Page 

web page copy

Your landing page has only one job, to convert your traffic to lead and eventually to customers. Which could mean calling your business, filling out a form, or booking an appointment. 

Additionally, your landing page design should have the same graphics or theme as your ad so your prospects will know they are in the right place. 

Your landing page should have these features:

  • Easy to use. 
  • Mobile-friendly. 
  • Professional and visually appealing. 
  • Photos of your staff at work. 
  • Personalized copy with a unique angle. 
  • Customer testimonials or reviews. 
  • Clear and benefit-lead call to action. 

Most importantly, it should cancel all your prospect’s objections like delays in arrival.

Track and Optimize your Ads

To ensure the success of your plumbing PPC campaign you have to check your KPIs(Key Performance Metrics). These are your CTRs (Click Through Rates), views or ad impressions, and conversion rates. 

Check if your KPIs align with your campaign goals. This will help you to know the areas to tweak to get better results. Which could mean changing your keywords or ad content. For example, if you’re getting high CTRs but little conversion then you know that the problem is from your landing page. 

Additionally, some tools can provide more metrics like heat maps and dwell time which can give you more insights on the user behavior. 

Best Practices for Plumbing PPC Ads 

Below are some tried and true PPC best practices for plumbers.

Develop a PPC Strategy


Before you set out to create a campaign you’ve got to have a strategy to move your prospects from clicks to conversions. 

Here are some PPC strategies you could try out:

  • Running ad groups for a special installation campaign for new homeowners. Where you could target keywords like sink and bathtub installation. 
  • Use automated features like smart bidding to optimize your bid amount based on performance. 
  • Improve your quality score in Google ads. The Google quality score gives a rating of below average, average, or above average for three factors: ad relevance, expected CTR, and landing page user experience. 

Run Re-marketing Campaigns

Re-marketing campaigns will help to target leads that clicked or interacted with your ad without converting. This a powerful PPC marketing strategy because they may be interested in your services but backed down at the last minute. 

Re-marketing ads can also be targeted at leads who visit your site without taking any desired action. 

Research Successful Competitors 

Business competition

Keep in mind that you’re not meant to copy your competitor’s strategy. You’re doing this to observe what has worked well in their PPC campaigns and find opportunities to best them. 

For example, platforms like Facebook give you this privilege. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to the Facebook Ads library. 
  • Enter the name of your competitor. 
  • Click on the ads section to find their active and inactive ads. 

You can also find competitor ads by using plumbing keywords and filtering your results by location and category. 

Use Ad Extensions

Ad extensions provide you with unique features that can increase your chances of earning a click on your ad. Examples of such extensions include calls, site links, structured snippets, and price extensions. 

A call extension can win a customer instantly without any click through your ad. But we both know that it rarely happens unless the prospect knows your plumbing company. 

Practice Split(A/B) Tests

A/B Testing

Hard truth: your first ads may not hit the ground running. But it shouldn’t make you conclude that PPC ads don’t work for plumbers instead analyze your previous ads to find out where they fall short. 

Then use the data you got to carry out split or A/B tests. Split tests involve analyzing the effectiveness of an ad component by altering it in two ads. The first ad A is the controller while the second B is the challenger. 

In A/B tests you can alter your ad copy, images, CTA button color, or anything that has a significant addition to your conversion rate. 

Use Different Platforms and Ad Types 

Don’t limit yourself to any PPC platform like Google ads. If you have the budget, spread your resources across different platforms and optimize your results.

You can also try different ad types in your campaigns like search, display, video, and image ads–use them to see what drives more sales for your business. For instance, you can move from Google search ads to Facebook image ads and then to YouTube ads. 

How much do PPC Ads Cost for Plumbers? 

Average plumbing PPC cost per click is cost about $115 per click. However, cost per click(CPC) is constantly changing and is based on the keyword competition and your ad location. You can be spending between $ 1000 and $10,000 on PPC ads as a small or medium plumbing company. 

Why Should you Hire a Plumbing PPC Company? 

Why Hire a Plumbing PPC Company - HVAC Marketing Xperts

Managing PPC campaigns can be overwhelming as a plumber. And it will take a lot of time and resources before you learn how to run effective campaigns. 

If you decide to fly solo with no guidance you may end up wasting advertising funds that could have gone elsewhere. 

This is why you need a contact and hire PPC company that understands the plumbing market from the inside out. And has helped numerous plumbing companies like yours generate countless leads and sales using PPC ads. 

Wrapping up: PPC for Plumbers (The Ultimate Guide) 

That’s it, a guide that will help you to run PPC campaigns that can bring in big returns on your advertising budget. 

Getting a steady stream of plumbing customers and leads using PPC ads is possible and a plumbing PPC agency will insure your success. Now it’s time to start new PPC campaigns armed with this knowledge so you can find your soon-to-be customers.

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