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PPC for HVAC Companies the Ultimate HVAC PPC Guide

2024 Ultimate HVAC PPC Guide

HVAC PPC or pay-per-click are ads that you pay for only when a prospect clicks on them. You can run an HVAC PPC ad by bidding an amount you want to pay per click, creating your ad content, and launching your campaign.

PPC ads are one of the most effective forms of marketing for HVAC companies because they give instant results: fresh leads, new customers, and quick ROI.

In this guide, you will learn how HVAC PPC works, best PPC ad strategies for HVAC contractors, cost of HVAC ads, and how you can run successful pay per click ad campaigns for your HVAC company.

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How HVAC PPC Works?


In HVAC PPC you’d be asked to select keywords that your target audience naturally uses to find your business. 

Each keyword has a CPC(cost per click) which varies depending on the number of competitors bidding for the same keyword.

Next, you will choose a budget for the campaign and bid a fixed or flexible amount for each click or impression on your ad. The search algorithm will pick the ads to display based on the bid amounts, user intent, location, and demographics.

Then you can monitor the progress of your ad and edit your bid amount, keywords, and targeting options based on your results. Once your budget is used up your ad will stop running. 

Watch this video from Simplilearn below to learn more about PPC ads:

Benefits of PPC for HVAC Contractors

  • PPC Marketing Increases Online Visibility for HVAC Companies
  • PPC Ads Help in Targeting Potential Customers Effectively
  • HVAC Ads Aids in Generating Qualified Leads for HVAC Businesses
  • HVAC PPC Ad is a Cost-effective Advertising Strategy

Now, let’s take a look at the benefits of HVAC PPC:

PPC Marketing Increases Online Visibility for HVAC Companies

The best part about PPC ads is that you can start showing up for your desired keywords in as little as a day. Which allows you to gain more online visibility and brand reach with targeted keywords. 

Even though your prospects don’t convert immediately they are actively seeing your ads which will increase your brand recall.

PPC Ads Help in Targeting Potential Customers Effectively

HVAC PPC ads also provide you with essential targeting features so that your ads can reach potential customers.

For example, Google ads allow you to select your location and target options. Which ensures that your ad is shown only to people in your service area. Plus you can use geofencing for more laser-focused targeting features.

HVAC PPC Ads Aids in Generating Qualified Leads for HVAC Businesses

Unlike other traditional advertising methods where you pay regardless of who sees or responds to your ads, PPC ads will aid you in getting qualified leads who are genuinely interested in your HVAC business. 

Because you pay mostly when an interested prospect clicks on your ad, which means they are more likely to convert.

HVAC PPC Ad is a Cost-effective Advertising Strategy

PPC ads for HVAC contractors are also cost-effective because you get to choose how much you’re willing to pay for each click and the overall campaign budget.

For instance, if an ad performs above your expectations you can increase your budget and also reduce it whenever you want. 

Although some lucrative and competitive HVAC keywords can be pricey in pay per click ads, the returns you get is extremely high. 

Types of PPC Ads for HVAC Businesses

PPC advertising for HVAC contractors can be divided into paid search and social media ads:

Google Search Ads Graphics (Flat Icons)

Paid search ads consist of advertisements offered by search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You will mostly see them as the first 3-4 results on SERPs right before the organic search results. 

Paid search ads are the most effective PPC for HVAC companies because most of your customers go to search engines like Google when they need an emergency HVAC repair or unit installation.

Hence, paid search ads will allow you to appear as the first results when they search for terms like “Furnace repair + your location”. 

Social Media Ads

Social Ads template

Social media ads appear as sponsored posts across different platforms like Facebook, X, TikTok, and LinkedIn (for commercial HVAC). 

Using paid social media ads to promote your HVAC company give room for more targeted campaigns built on your customer interests, demographics, and online behaviors.

Additionally, it will help you to get more brand exposure, and website traffic, and reach new HVAC prospects in your work location. 

Social media ads work on the CPM(cost per mile) model unlike CPC in Google ads. This means that you will set the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for 1,000 impressions on your ad.

Plumbing Pay Per Click Marketing | PPC Ads for Plumbers

How Search Ads Compare to Social Media Ads

Search ads are the best form of PPC ads because 46% of clicks go to the top three ads in search results and 45% of clicks are gotten by search ads.

While Social media ads might not give you as many customers as search ads they will help to boost your brand awareness and send traffic to your site.

However, search ads are more expensive as opposed to social media ads where you pay whenever someone sees your ads(i.e. per 1000 impressions). If you have the budget, run both ads simultaneously so you can create multiple points of contact with your prospects. 

How to Run HVAC PPC Campaign

  • Keyword Research for HVAC PPC Campaigns
  • Creating Effective Ad Copy for HVAC PPC
  • Setting up Ad Groups and Campaigns
  • Utilizing Negative Keywords to Optimize HVAC PPC

Here’s how you can run successful pay per click ad campaigns to generate more revenue for your HVAC business:

Keyword Research for HVAC PPC Campaigns

keyword research

First, you have to use an SEO tool like Ahrefs to find local search terms that align with your HVAC services. 

Stick to keywords with low to medium competition with decent traffic. In this instance, long-tail keywords would help you to rank higher though with lesser traffic. 

While short-tail keywords have more traffic but higher CPC. It’s best to create groups of related keywords that align with your ad content. 

Creating Effective Ad Copy for HVAC PPC Campaign

Once your prospect clicks on your ad it’s up to your landing page and copy to make them contact you. Your ad copy should be compelling and have trust signals like customer reviews and testimonials.

Also, the images and videos used must be able to grab their attention long enough to read through your copy. 

Setting up Ad Groups and Campaigns

To fully maximize PPC ads, run multiple ad campaigns and reinvest in the one that yields the most profit.

For instance, you can run 2-3 different Google ad campaigns targeting popular keywords associated with your HVAC service and allocate a bulk of your resources to the best-performing ad.

Utilizing Negative Keywords to Optimize HVAC PPC

User search intent is of great importance in HVAC PPC. So you need to select keywords that you don’t want to rank for; they might be similar to your focus keywords but have no purchasing intent. This will help you to save funds that would have been lost ranking for irrelevant search terms.

HVAC PPC Advertising Platforms

There are several HVAC PPC advertising platforms you can take advantage of and they include:

Google ads

Google has 91.47% of the global search engine market and Google Ads is the biggest PPC platform in the world. It works on an auction-based system and once you’ve set your bid the algorithm will rank your ad based on a quality score and your bid amount.

These ads can appear on Google search results, websites, blogs, YouTube, apps, and; Google products and affiliates.

Bing Ads

Microsoft ads

Bing is one of the largest search engines with 10.51% of the global desktop search market. 

It still works on the CPC system but is a little cheaper than Google ads although with a lesser audience. With Bing ads, you can run search ads and display ads in different Microsoft software applications.

Social Media Platforms for HVAC PPC

Facebook ads

Different social platforms have different demographics for example Facebook houses both millennials and Gen Z and TikTok is for the younger generation.

Understanding this will help you pick the right social media platforms for your HVAC PPC campaigns. In addition, you’ll have to model ads after trends and the type of content that resonates with your audience on the platform.

HVAC PPC Strategies

  • Targeting Specific HVAC Services
  • Tailoring PPC Campaigns to the HVAC Industry
  • Maximizing Lead Generation through HVAC PPC
  • Integrating HVAC PPC with Other Online Advertising Methods
  • HVAC PPC Services for Effective PPC Management

Without carefully thought out strategies your campaign will sink even before you set sail, therefore apply these strategies:

Targeting Specific HVAC Services 

Naturally, you will want to throw in all your  HVAC services in a single ad. However, this can affect your targeting options since your ad is too generalized. 

Choosing a specific HVAC service like AC seasonal tune-ups will help to create more targeted and unique PPC campaigns that will resonate with your audience.

Tailoring PPC Campaigns to the HVAC Industry

Before embarking on your PPC campaigns, check the HVAC industry benchmarks to see the average cost per lead(CPL) and click-through rates(CTR). So that you can identify advertising opportunities and the required budget to run the campaign. Also, research your competitors to learn how to best their ads.

Maximizing Lead Generation through HVAC PPC

HVAC PPC can be a massive source of leads for your business. Especially when you get every part of the process right from choosing targeted local keywords to optimizing your ad based on performance.

Ensure that you place an easy CTA that will compel prospects to supply their contacts. For example “get a free quote now today” or “book an appointment with us!

Integrating HVAC PPC with Other Online Advertising Methods

One positive of HVAC PPC marketing is that it blends with other online advertising methods. You could be running a summer-themed PPC campaign and then share the same ad through influencer marketing on Instagram and Facebook.

Your residents would have seen your ads several times and would like to give your business a try.

HVAC PPC Services for Effective PPC Management

What’s more effective than delegating your marketing to an experience HVAC marketing agency with proven track record of many successful PPC campaigns?

One of the best HVAC PPC strategies involves outsourcing your PPC ad services to a trusted HVAC digital marketing company such as HVAC Marketing Xperts. We have team of experts ready to help you increase your revenue and achieve your marketing goals with our HVAC PPC management services.

Check out some of our client testimonials below:

Texas Air Achieved 4 New Change-Outs in First Month Working with HVAC Marketing Xperts
Frisco Added $60,000 to His Buttom Line in Month 1 by Working with HVAC Marketing Xperts
Clifford” HVAC Closed 9 New HVAC Installations His First Month in Business Working with HVAC Marketing Xperts
No Excuses Heating & Air Got 27 High Quality Leads in 3 Days Working with HVAC Marketing Xperts

Is this the type of results you desire for your HVAC or plumbing company?

HVAC PPC Advertising Best Practices

  • Identify your goals
  • Qualify your Keywords
  • Optimize your Landing Page
  • Use Ad extensions
  • Apply Split (A/B) Tests
  • Monitor and Optimize your HVAC PPC
  • Launch Retargeting Campaigns

Below are some HVAC PPC advertising best practices to boost your campaigns:

Identify your goals 

Do you wish to get more leads, clients, web traffic or increase your brand awareness? 

Identifying your campaign goals will help you to streamline your strategies to achieve them. Having goals will also help you to choose the subject of your ad; whether an AC installation or smart thermostat installation promo.

Qualify your Keywords

First, identify and qualify relevant keywords based on your service(s), location, and user intent. Next, use keyword groups: broad match for relevance, phrase match for flexibility, and exact match for high targeting.

Optimize your Landing Page 

Your landing page plays a big role in the success of your ad and a single misstep can send your prospect the wrong way. Ensure each of the following boxes is ticked on your landing page:

  • Professional and mobile-friendly design.
  • Stunning visuals like images and videos.
  • Compelling copy.
  • Social proof.
  • Call to action.

Use Ad extensions

PPC ad extensions are additional pieces of information displayed alongside your ad copy, making it more click-worthy. 

They essentially help to take up more space on the search results page, increasing your ad’s visibility and potentially boosting CTRs. Some examples of ad extensions are site links, call, and location extensions.

Apply Split (A/B) Tests

If you have the budget and time, it’s advisable to run split tests in your campaigns. You can choose to run two ads simultaneously but alter an element of the ads like the copy, landing design, CTA, or offer. So that you can discover the element that carries the most conversion.

Monitor and Optimize your HVAC PPC

After publishing your ad, you can’t just walk off and wait for clients to contact you. You have to actively track the performance of your PPC ads so that you can know which areas need improvement. 

From the analytics in the first few days, you can decide to change the keywords if they’re underperforming or adjust your bids according to the progress of your ad. 

Launch Retargeting Campaigns 

With retargeting campaigns, you can target leads that have interacted with your ad but failed to convert. You wouldn’t need to hard sell on them because they are already in the awareness stage.

How Much Does PPC Ads Cost?

On average, PPC ads cost $2 per click across different platforms while Google search ads cost between $1 to $4 per click and $1 for Google display ads. 

Additionally, the average cost of PPC ads for small to average companies is between $1000 to $10,000. However, PPC ad costs depend on the keyword difficulty, PPC platform, and your target location

Please Note: These are industry estimates as there’s no exact cost that matches every business.

How Can I Make Money with HVAC PPC Ads?

You can make money with HVAC PPC marketing by using search ads, display or banner ads, video ads, and sponsored posts on social media.

However, note that this requires strategic planning, ongoing optimization, and some investments. And that’s why hiring an HVAC marketing company is crucial to your success; please learn more about HVAC PPC services

Case Studies and Success Stories of Our HVAC PPC Services

Below are some success stories of HVAC companies that leveraged our PPC advertising and digital marketing services:


Frisco added an impressive $60,000 to his bottom line in the first month after choosing HVAC Marketing Xperts.

Clifford’s HVAC

Clifford’s HVAC achieved remarkable success by closing 9 new HVAC installations in its first month of operation, all thanks to our innovative HMX system.

Melos Construction

Melos Construction has experienced a phenomenal increase in web traffic, surpassing 250% growth since last year since working with us, HVAC Marketing Xperts. Thanks to our amazing team of specialized HVAC marketing experts

Texas Air

Texas Air celebrated an impressive achievement with 4 new change-outs in its first month, all attributed to the power of choosing HMX.

No Excuses Heating & Air

No Excuses Heating & Air company secured an incredible 27 HVAC leads within just 3 days of starting their campaign!

Book a free consultation call to learn more about how HMX system can help you get more HVAC customers leveraging PPC and other digital marketing strategies.

Data-driven Insights on the Effectiveness of HVAC PPC

  • Businesses make $2 for every $1 spent on PPC ads.
  • Search ads can boost a business brand awareness by 80%
  • Site visitors from PPC convert 50% better than organic traffic.
  • About 75% of users click on ads to find accurate information.
  • A regular Facebook user clicks on 11 ads in a month.
  • Google’s display ads reach 90% of users on the internet with 2 million sites.
  • 70% of mobile customers call  businesses via Google ads.
  • Should You Hire an HVAC PPC Agency or Do It Yourself?

Truly understanding the strategies required to run successful HVAC PPC campaigns takes time and a lot of resources. Yes, you could hop on YouTube and watch several videos and even take a PPC course but you might end up wasting your budget.

Why go through the stress of experimenting on a tight advertising budget when an expert HVAC PPC company can steer your campaign to success? 

We have a team of world-class HVAC PPC ads experts who have been at it for years and can help strategize and optimize your ads to boost your ROI.

Why is it Important to Hire an HVAC PPC Services?

It’s important to hire HVAC Marketing Xperts, an HVAC PPC company because we have a highly skilled team of PPC specialists, copywriters, web designers, and SEO strategists with a proven track record of success over the years.

An HVAC PPC company such as “HVAC Marketing Xperts” understands the industry landscape, customer online behaviors, and proven strategies to hit high-conversion PPC ads.

Get in touch for a free consultation call for your HVAC company and see how we can help you grow leveraging pay per click ad campaigns.

Conclusion: The Ultimate Guide to PPC for HVAC Companies

PPC ads remain one of the most profitable advertising channels for HVAC companies. And you’d miss out on a lot of new customers and qualified leads by ignoring this strategy. 

The future of PPC ads is exciting and dynamic, with several key trends like AI-powered automation, dominance of video ads,  mobile-focused optimization, and voice search, just to name a few.

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