Does Traditional Advertising Still Work for HVAC Business?

Does Hvac Traditional Advertising Still Work

Hvac Traditional Ads or Digital Ads?

A lot of digital marketing pros will tell you that traditional HVAC advertising methods are long dead. But are they? You will discover the answer after reading this short blog post. 

TV ad revenue worldwide stands at a staggering $132 billion and 82% of consumers trust print ads when making purchasing decisions.

This shows that traditional HVAC marketing strategies still work today but are not as effective as it was a few years back or in comparison with digital marketing strategies. 

Since your services are location-specific you can use traditional HVAC marketing methods to target the prospects in your area.

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Types of Traditional Marketing and Strategies

Different types of traditional HVAC marketing strategies still work today, let’s take a look at them:

Billboard Advertising

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Billboards are mostly placed at points with high traffic like highways and busy roads. 

Naturally, billboards attract attention and expose your brand to a wide audience. They would see it when scrambling their way to their businesses in the mornings and when driving back in the evening. 

It adds instant credibility, increases brand awareness, and registers your business name in the mind of your prospects even though they do not need your HVAC services at the time.

But it can be expensive to keep up and there are zero opportunities to target your ideal customers. Regardless, if you have some extra advertising budget you can mount a billboard in a highly trafficked area in your work location.

TV Commercials

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This is a more expensive form of traditional HVAC advertising but has a wider audience reach. TV commercials help to spread the word about your HVAC business and increase your brand authority.

Ideally, TV commercials should be run during peak seasons like during the summer or winter when appliances tend to break down or need tune-ups because it’s overused.

Choose the length of time you can afford and pick the day(s) to run the advertisements. Ensure that you use a popular broadcast or cable channel in your service areas and get to work on your commercials. 

It shouldn’t be the regular run-off-the-mill commercial we see every day instead try to squeeze in a strong value proposition into the few seconds you’d be given.

Call Listening

Call listening refers to the practice of supervisors or managers monitoring customer service calls with their agents. 

Apart from eavesdropping on your customer service reps, it can be used to discover common customer challenges and gaps in your HVAC services.

This could be missed appointments or poor on-site performance. It should be resolved immediately to avoid losing the customer though you can’t please everyone.

Furthermore, call listening will help you to know the area your customer service reps are underperforming so you can train them to be more empathetic.

HVAC Postcards

HVAC postcards should be mailed to customers and prospects to promote your HVAC services. It should feature a professional design, concise messaging, and a call to action to encourage recipients to learn more about your company’s offerings.

A branded postal card during the freezing winter and heat of the summer periods can help convert prospects and win back customers who have long forgotten about your company. 

Additionally, send HVAC maintenance postcards that evoke the fear of spending on HVAC system repairs or welcome postcards for new customers offering a special offer on their first service call.

Radio Ads

Although most people have transitioned to streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, a good number of millennials still stay up-to-date with their favorite radio channels.

Hence, you can run short and punchy radio ads to target this segment of your target audience to keep your business top of mind and drive conversions.

Print Advertising

Traditional HVAC marketing like print advertising should be used to specifically promote your services to newspapers and magazines in the location(s) that you serve. 

People tend to trust the ads featured in respectable or recognized print publications. Therefore, enlisting your HVAC ads in those publications would help bring about trust and eventually conversions.

Why is HVAC Digital Marketing Better than Traditional Marketing?

Why is HVAC Digital Marketing Better than Traditional Marketing

There are many reasons why HVAC digital marketing is better than traditional marketing. 

One reason is that digital marketing allows you to reach a wider audience more efficiently. With HVAC traditional marketing, you are limited to the people who are within your geographical area. 

However, with digital marketing, you can reach people all over the world. Additionally, digital marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing. You can reach a larger audience for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing. 

Global Reach

Traditional HVAC advertising is limited to a smaller group of audience but digital marketing empowers you to reach prospects globally. Or rather in the different locations of your branch offices. 

What’s more, there are different digital marketing channels for HVAC companies such as HVAC SEO, HVAC PPC ads, and HVAC social media marketing; which can be combined to create a customer acquisition strategy that brings in new customers every month. 

Cost Effective

Additionally, digital marketing is more effective than traditional marketing. The average cost of a 30-second TV commercial is $104,000 while that of billboards is between $1000-$20,000 per month. 

But with digital advertising, you can run ads on platforms like Facebook for as low as $1.72CPC(cost per click). Plus, you can monitor where your advertising cash is going and which channel is bringing more leads so that you can further invest (this is difficult to track with traditional marketing). 

In addition, you can choose to allocate your marketing resources to ranking in the organic search results which could take time but it’s cost-effective and has a higher return on your investment. Learn more about the cost of HVAC ads here.

Works Better

HVAC digital marketing works better when compared to traditional HVAC advertising because you can market to only prospects who are interested in your services. 

Take for instance with HVAC local SEO you can target specific audiences in a location with commercial-local search terms; that means local customers that are interested in hiring you to offer local services to them.

In PPC ads you pay only when a user clicks on your ads, increasing the likelihood of converting them than a TV commercial that you pay for regardless of the number of people that saw the ad and didn’t take any action.

Targeted Advertising

Targeted advertising refers to a form of digital advertising that allows you to narrow down your reach to meet prospects that fit into your customer persona. Digital marketing allows you to target your audience more accurately, which leads to a higher conversion rate.

You can  implement targeted advertising in your HVAC company by leveraging the following channels:

Google Pay Per Click Ads

Although Google PPC is the most expensive form of targeted advertising it can bring in profits faster than many other digital ads. With Google PPC you can optimize your target based on audience segments, demographics, keywords, and so on.

Another benefit of leveraging Google PPC ads is the Google Performance Max feature; Google Performance Max campaign allows you to target your prospects utilizing machine learning algorithms which is more effective than the manual keyword bidding strategies. Aside from Google search ads, you can also target different prospects with Google website banner ads and video ads on YouTube.

Google Local Service Ads

Local service ads are a form of Google ads that you only pay for when a prospect contacts you through the ad. It is a targeted and cost-effective ad that displays local business profiles for local search queries.

You simply have to fill in your business details, get verified by Google, and optimize your profile with local keywords to show up in the local ads service space.

Again, there is a Google Guarantee, Google Screened, and License Verified by Google badge which is displayed in your ad snippet to build trust and authority.

Social Media Ads

Social media ads are quite different from other targeted ads because each platform has different user demographics and behaviors. Plus, social ads rely heavily on visuals like videos and images.

For example, with Meta ads, you can create look-alike audiences that are a replica of your customers so that you can target similar prospects on Facebook and Instagram. You can also target other homeowners on X(formerly Twitter) and younger homeowners on TikTok.

Microsoft Ads

Bing is one the largest search engines in the world. It has been drumming up a lot of interest with the integration of Generative AI in the search engine and other AI integrations in the Microsoft 365 suite.

With Microsoft ads, you can decide to spread your HVAC promotions across the Microsoft applications or exclusively on Bing. A lot of effective digital advertising opportunities abound, but you have to tailor it to your audience and marketing budget.

Why You Should Hire an Hvac Marketing Company to Promote Your Hvac Business?

There are many reasons why you should hire an HVAC marketing company to promote your HVAC business. 

First and foremost, marketing is a necessary component of any successful business. An HVAC marketing company can help you create a marketing plan and strategy that is specific to your HVAC business. 

They can help you target your ideal customer and create compelling HVAC marketing materials that will generate interest in your products and services. 

Additionally, an HVAC marketing company can help you track the results of your marketing efforts and make necessary adjustments to ensure that you are getting the most out of your marketing budget.

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