Co-op Marketing for Local HVAC Businesses [+Programs]

HVAC Co-Op Marketing Programs, Benefits, Cons & Tips 

Hvac Co-Op Marketing – The Definitive Guide

Ever thought of engaging in highly profitable business partnerships? 

Then you should try HVAC co-op marketing. 

All you need is a good enough purchase history from an HVAC manufacturer or distributor, stick to their requirements and you can run successful marketing campaigns with free marketing funds. 

If you’d like that for your business then keep reading to find out how to cash in on this opportunity.

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What is HVAC Co-Op Marketing?

HVAC Co-op marketing is a form of marketing where HVAC manufacturers partner with HVAC contractors to run joint marketing campaigns.

In simple terms, the manufacturer releases the cash and the contractors use it to market their products or run ads featuring both businesses. It is a win-win situation for both parties but there is a catch and we’ll get down to that in a bit.

Most times the manufacturer or distributor provides part of the advertising budget while in a few cases, they completely sponsor the contractors. 

What are the Benefits of HVAC Co-Op Advertising?

The benefits of HVAC cooperative advertising are numerous, here are a few:

Increase Marketing Budget

Ever heard of free advertising? Probably not, but this is the closest to it. 

Partnering with big HVAC manufacturers will give you the resources to increase your marketing budget and make more sales. It can also help HVAC contractors reduce their advertising costs through joint campaigns.

Likewise, HVAC manufacturers will be able to get more hands and funds to run large-scale marketing campaigns in different locations.

Build Profitable Partnerships 

HVAC co-op marketing provides a medium or level ground for contractors and manufacturers to create profitable partnerships that can lead to full-scale marketing campaigns. Which can yield more conversions for both parties involved.

It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that can help both companies hit their marketing goals in a shorter timeframe.

Increase Brand Awareness

Sharing the stage with a big HVAC manufacturer will surely rub off positively on your brand as an HVAC contractor. Because you would have more audience reach, and increase your credibility, and trust factor.

For manufacturers or distributors, they would be able to reach new audiences. Thereby opening up new markets to sell and keep potential customers in the know.

Targeted Marketing 

An HVAC manufacturer may be struggling to get customers in a particular area so a co-op marketing program can help solve the problem. 

Since the local audience knows and trusts the HVAC contractor they would be more inclined to purchase the manufacturer’s product.

Whereas the contractor will get the opportunity to push a certain product and sell more units with minimal advertising costs.

What are the Drawbacks of HVAC Co-Op Advertising?

In as much as there are positives in HVAC co-op advertising, there are also downsides in the program:

Disagreement in Ad Content

Different HVAC companies have different branding styles and marketing strategies. This may cause conflicts in the creation of the ad content.

Usually, the manufacturers have preset marketing templates that may not align with the contractor’s marketing strategy.

There could also be friction in the perception of the quality of the ad content as one side may see opportunities for improvement and the other side would resist any changes.

Strict Manufacturer Guidelines 

Some HVAC manufacturers have a rigorous approval process for contractors. Making it difficult to get the ad funds in the first place. 

Others may want to oversee every content before it goes live or even worse control and impose their marketing strategies on contractors. 

On the other hand, some contractors may not want to keep to the agreements causing discord in the partnership.

Reduced Brand Image

HVAC co-op advertising can degrade the brand image of the contractor if the product turns out to be less than it’s worth. 

It could also send the wrong impression to an HVAC manufacturer if the contractor is known for high ticket prices or poor customer experience.

HVAC Co-Op Marketing Programs and Partners

Looking to start-up HVAC co-op marketing programs? Then here are a few companies you can partner with.


Fujitsu provides marketing development funds(MFDs) to distributors, a part of which is allocated for contractor advertising. 

They usually provide marketing materials like flyers and pre-approved ads for the ad campaigns. 

In addition, print ads, commercials, and radio ads need to be approved before they go public. Fujitsu also has a contractor toolbox that contains services like earning points by going through their training.


You can register for Carrier’s co-op advertising by first going through your distributor to sign up on 

On the site, you’ll find customizable marketing templates, advertising materials, and courses to help upskill your staff. 

And the co-op funds may cover trade association dues like ACCA. If you’re interested in the program you can inquire from your local distributor.


In this program, contractors get the opportunity to cooperate directly with the company without the need for distributors. 

Honeywell provides contractors with co-op funds through their Contractor Pro buyer rewards where you earn points per dollar by buying products through a chosen distributor. There are a lot of marketing resources like templates, pre-approved ads, and videos, to work with.

You can sign up for the program by first converting your purchase reward points and contacting a Honeywell sales rep or program distributor to inquire about the qualification requirements. 


LG is a well-known brand globally and supports co-op marketing. One way of getting marketing support is by entering the LG Excellence contractor group. 

This grants you access to co-op funds, extended warranties, training materials, marketing templates, etc. It is advisable to join the program through your LG local representative. Once you get approved you will gain access to their product brochures and specifications, and so on.


Goodman offers co-op marketing funds through their local distributors, much like other companies on this list. 

Therefore, you’d have to contact the Goodman local distributors to find out the requirements for the program. Plus, most of the distributors offer accrual programs that cover ACCA membership fees. 

Goodman is known for investing primarily in their products and services and not full-scale marketing campaigns. The accrual and co-op funds can also be used for hosting training to improve your in-house team.


Mitsubishi has a detailed qualification process so you’d need to contact your local distributor to get the full details. 

The co-op program for each region has five districts or local offices where you can get location-specific advertising collateral. 

It has different support services like business development funds, business-to-business ads, and Mitsubishi subscriptions.

Typically, the local distributors give preference to Diamond contractor members because they make bigger purchases.

HVAC Co-Op Advertising Tips to Maximum Marketing Budget

Let’s look at some ways you can maximize your HVAC marketing budget for Co-Op:

Plan and Research

First, research manufacturers offering co-op programs relevant to your target audience. Read and follow their guidelines carefully. They often specify eligible expenses, branding requirements, and claim submission procedures. 

Then set clear goals once you get approved like lead generation, brand awareness, or driving sales of specific products.

Manage your Budget

Analyze co-op programs to ensure you utilize the maximum available funding and track your spending to claim reimbursements efficiently.

Don’t solely rely on co-op funds. Allocate your budget to supplement the program and tailor messages to your local market.

Remember to set KPIs to measure campaign success, such as leads generated or sales conversions. Adjust your strategy based on results.

Target a Specific Audience 

Collaborate with your partners on the ad content to target your local audience; leveraging their expertise can enhance effectiveness. Make sure you localize your messaging and aim for a specific audience segment.

Then spread the word with different marketing channels like print, digital, radio, and social media ads.

Additionally, you can hire a professional marketing agency to ensure the success of the program so that you don’t end up wasting your co-op marketing funds.

Summary: HVAC Co-Op Advertising Guide

You will keep getting little results with your thin marketing budget if you keep ignoring HVAC co-op advertising. It’s time to cash in on these free marketing funds before they expire.

An expert digital marketing agency will ensure you maximize your ad funds and steer your campaign to success. Learn more about HVAC marketing.

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