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Benefits of Retargeting Campaigns through HVAC Contractor Marketing

Benefits of Retargeting Campaigns through HVAC Contractor Marketing

A study about online buying says that 97% of the customers who visit your website for the first time just return without making any purchase. They are then lost forever if you do not target them again. Targeting an interested customer whose footprints are there on your website is always a good idea. This is why serious businesses always go for retargeting campaigns to remind the prospects about their products and services. HVAC contractor marketing helps you adapt to the right business tactics by retargeting the potential customers through different advertising platforms, depending on your business.

How does Retargeting by HVAC Contractor Marketing Work?

After hiring HVAC contractor marketing services, retargeting platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other advertising channel are finalized. These platforms are chosen after analyzing your website traffic. Social media retargeting ads prove to be very cost-effective and generate better CTRs. These campaigns help you become your customers’ priority and are far more effective than colder ads. Here we let you know how we make it possible:

  • We collect high-quality lead data from HVAC companies, that homeowners visit for buying, service, and repair their HVAC units. 
  • We deploy a well-equipped front desk resource who creates scheduled follow-ups to target the leads.
  • We assign an account manager to your company for providing every type of marketing support.
  • We use automated systems for appointments, reminders, and confirmations.
  • Depending on your choice, we select email or text for sending you everyday lead alerts.  

Here are some of the best HVAC retargeting practices which help in creating meaningful connections with the customers and also increase their loyalty.

Retargeting on Website Footprints

Once a customer lands on your website, it navigates to different pages and then returns. Those footprints are very important in determining customers’ interests and allow us to target them with personalized ads. Retargeting works when you send the right ads, at the right time to the right customer, and website navigation helps you analyze that. You need to find out about the user’s journey on the website and understand what they are looking for. Suppose a visitor lands on the product page of a centralized HVAC unit and then moves towards a split system. We analyze their spent time and navigation pattern to find out their interest point and then add them to the relevant HVAC marketing list for retargeting.

Categorical Retargeting

Your website visitors show different buying patterns, of course, not everyone is interested in the same products that you offer. Some visitors can be interested in buying or others in service and we approach them based on their needs. Furthermore, the visitors of the website can be the first-time buyers, and returning customers, they can be the ones who abandon carts or just simply bounce back. All of these customers are segmented into specific categories. Our HVAC SEO, lead generation, and marketing teams create different ads, adding required product material and incentives like discounts, rewards, same-day delivery, lucky coupons, loyalty programs, and more.

Retargeting Based on Search Terms

When customers look for something, they type different sentences and phrases in Google search. We locate those customers based on their typed search terms. For instance, if a customer uses ‘best HVAC systems in Atlanta’ then we target them with the ads after making tweaks to their search terms. Our   HVAC SEO team has sound knowledge of all relevant keywords and they help assist the marketing team in creating optimized marketing content. This is one of the most effective strategies that help in collecting HVAC leads from sources other than your website.

CRM Based Targeting

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data is basically offline data like it’s not collected from the website cookies and from other organic searches. This data is gathered from sales, support, returns, and service queries, where customers drop their contact details. We need to introduce different surveys and loyalty programs for a rich CRM that helps in effective HVAC marketing campaigns. Based on customers’ likes, dislikes, purchase history, and product recommendations, we create different campaigns for retargeting. With the collaboration of other retargeting partners, we match our data with theirs and come up with even more personalized targeting. 

Connecting all Data Dots

Customers of the digital market highly appreciate the companies and brands who go for non-bothering marketing and sales techniques. The time of traditional marketing and hard selling has gone by for since long. No matter what interaction, marketing, sales, or service, the customers want us to contact them only when it is required. This is why we try to come up with ultra-personalized data. Based on that, we create customized ads, which just don’t disturb the customers. For it, our HVAC contractor marketing team collects unified customer data from all channels and devices for getting a clearer picture of their product interests and buying patterns.

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