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HVAC Contractor Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Customer Base

HVAC Contractor Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Customer Base

There’s a lot of rivalry in the HVAC market. You’ll need an effective HVAC contractor marketing strategy to stand out from the competition and be heard above the din. We’ve compiled some of our most productive HVAC marketing strategies.

Optimize Your Website

Having a website is only enough if you take the time to optimize it. If you launched your website in 2002 on Windows XP and are still running the same outdated software, it’s time to upgrade. Your customers in the HVAC and tech industries are moving on quickly.

For instance, a blog that takes too long to load will turn off readers. An HVAC service company needs to have high-quality photos on its website. However, your site needs to be fixed at peak efficiency if the photos take too long to load or display incorrectly on a mobile device.

To build a website for your HVAC company, you need to remember the following.

  • Make sure your company’s website is optimized for rapid loading times.
  • Make sure your website is simple to use.
  • Make sure your website’s Call to Action is easy to spot.
  • Send out the word to potential buyers that you offer simple, quick financing. That’s where we come in; we can assist you.
  • Make sure your landing page has a subscription form or link.
  • Save time in making your sales pitch.
  • The inclusion of brief videos
  • Consider hiring a digital marketing agency to help you improve your company’s online presence.
  • Make sure your website’s Call to Action is easy to spot.
  • The landing page should provide a subscription form or link.

Leverage ‘Pay-Per-Click’ Ads

Suppose you outsource your HVAC business’s promotion to an HVAC contractor marketing firm; they will probably implement a PPC campaign for your HVAC business. In pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, you place ads on various websites and only pay for clicks.

Reach Out to Customers Via Email

Email marketing is often cited as the main strategy employed by digital marketers in the pursuit of new customers. Yes, you might say that. Email marketing has a $38 return on investment for every dollar spent.

Beginning efforts should center on amassing an email contact list. Whether this is your first email marketing campaign or you have been doing this for years, you need a list of subscribers.

The first step is to put up some basic sign-up forms on your website so that people can join your HVAC business’s mailing list and receive information about upcoming events, sales, and other relevant information.

Ensure the data you seek is minimal in scope to avoid being intrusive. Simply request contact information, including names and email addresses, but not physical addresses. Let them know what they can expect to learn about upcoming events and promotions in exchange for their contact details, such as specials, deals, freebies, HVAC-exclusive material, flash sales, and more.

Email marketing may take time to result in sales. It takes effort to build an email list and time for clients to be ready to buy. If you maintain a consistent cadence of valuable emails, you’ll soon see a rise in the percentage of your leads that turn into appointments and, eventually, purchases.

Stay Active on Social Media

HVAC businesses that actively engage with customers on social media see an increase in revenue.

Research shows that over 90% of potential buyers consult social media before purchasing. Using social media to promote your HVAC company and attract potential customers is a tried-and-true method of expanding your business.

Companies in the HVAC industry would follow our recommendation and optimize their social media content by posting only relevant, high-quality information to their profiles.

You can utilize platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. There are good and bad aspects to each of these platforms.

Target Local Search Terms

Launching a local SEO campaign is another effective HVAC marketing tactic. The goal is to bring in local, highly-targeted prospects who are ready to make a purchase.

Optimizing your website for local search engines (or “Local SEO”) helps your business reach potential clients in your immediate vicinity.

Implementing local SEO into your marketing strategy entails:

  • Ensure your name, firm address, and phone number are listed on your website and in all relevant local search engine directories.
  • Fill out local directory submissions and create citations for your company. By including your HVAC company’s location and contact information in online directories, search engines will help spread the word about your services in your area.
  • Improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and brand awareness in the search results by optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) (SERPS). Your company will always be at the top of Google’s local search results, where potential clients can easily find you.
  • Google Maps also use this data to calculate route instructions.
  • Build relationships with locals by producing and disseminating material that focuses on your local offerings.


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